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Easter in Sydney

Things (What) to do over the Easter Holidays in and around Sydney including the Autumn School Holidays in April

What to do at Easter in Sydney and over the Easter Long Weekend

The Easter Holidays bring with them a challenge. Go or stay in Sydney? If you really aren’t that keen on joining the painfully slow migration out of Sydney, there is an alternative.

What’s Open on Good Friday?

“Sydney is dead on Good Friday!” Is it really?

Things to do in Sydney at Easter

You don’t have to go far to have a good time and it doesn’t have to cost much. It is easy to forget just what a wonderful city this is and it is amazing just how much there is to do over Easter in Sydney. We have researched the best events and activities on in Sydney over Easter and listed them below to complement the Top 100 Things to do – Happy Holidays!

Climb the Harbour Bridge (Pylon)

I think most people know about the Harbour Bridge Climb but you might not know about the much cheaper option that predates the Bridge Climb by some margin. If you climb the 200 steps to the top of the Harbour Pylon you will not only be rewarded with magnificent views of Sydney, but also be given an insight into Sydney and her magnificent Harbour Bridge. For me, the best part of this experience, apart from the view of course, are all the amazing stories such as that of Vincent Kelly and his life (saving) belt…more

Royal Easter Show – Thursday, 10th April – Wednesday, 23rd April

Olympic Park

Famous for show bags, smelly animals, a rodeo and wood chopping. Kids love it. Make sure you bring buckets of patience (and cash) with you. The Royal Easter Show has introduced a ‘Show Planner’ to make the whole experience a little easier.

The Easter Show also features a range of games, entertainment, education and, of course, those farm animals. Whatever your interests, the Sydney Royal Easter Show has something for everyone baa baa none.

Royal Easter Show

Cronulla Easter Show – 3rd April to 6th April

The Cronulla Easter Show is all about having fun. You might meet the Easter Bunny and Alice in Wonderland. Or maybe just enjoy a thrilling ride. Alternatively sit back and enjoy the entertainment. There will be show bags, baby animals and, just quietly, the Fabulous Bumble Brothers are expected to make an appearance.
Cronulla Street is the place to be. Getting there is easiest by train. The station is right across the road.

Cronulla Easter Show (and follow their internal links – sorry they keep moving this event around their website so safer to give you the site link. If you can’t find it please let us know and we’ll email the link or more info to you. And if any of the organisers are reading this – please make up your mind :))

Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse is, well, a powerhouse of things to do on a normal day; on a school holiday, it is hard to know how they pack it all in. You can even have fun activities, great games and clever craft for children to make and do at home – so you don’t actually even need to visit the Powerhouse to enjoy the Powerhouse.

The Powerhouse Playground

The Powerhouse is a playground, a playhouse, a space lab; in fact the Powerhouse has something for everyone, even Mum and Dad – you just need to look.

The Wiggles Exhibition

We crossed all our Wiggly fingers and toes (despite the discomfort) and it worked! The Wiggles exhibition has been extended over the Easter Holidays:

Powerhouse Museum – School Holidays

More things to do during the April School Holidays


Royal National Park and the Tramway Museum

After a visit to the nearby Royal National Park (listed at No. 27 on the Top 100 things to do) or not, you could take a look at an old Sydney tram (yes, once trams roamed Sydney’s streets just like Melbourne). In fact, if you visit the Tramway Museum on Wednesday or Sunday you can even ride on one. With the scrapping of the Monorail, maybe they will make a comeback!

Tramway Museum


Easter Parade – Hyde Park

Come to Hyde Park to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and have a great time in the process.

Easter Parade


Visit a National Park

As well as the Royal National Park (see above) there are many more National Parks all offering a variety of fun things to do including bike riding, swimming in clear water creeks and lagoons, snorkelling, canoeing…more


Visit Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River and hitch a ride on the Riverboat Postman

The Hawkesbury River is picturesque and grand river with many fine and attractive islands and bays to explore. The Hawkesbury flows north and west of Sydney and acts as a natural border between Sydney and the Central Coast. There are many ways to enjoy the Hawkesbury, one of the best is to visit Brooklyn (because from Brooklyn you can catch a ride on the Riverboat Postman, or go Kayaking) and think to yourself, what a wonderful world more (oh yeah!).


Family Show – Thursday, April 2nd- Sunday, 12th April

The Family Show is all about rides and entertainment for the whole family. Highlights this year include:

Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo

Just quietly, Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo consists of real dinosaurs pretending to be puppets through ‘sophisticated design, electronics and theatrical presentation’. Obviously this is a must for any kid who is into dinosaurs but it is also quite educational as, being real dinosaurs, they are quite life like from the babies all the way up to the big mummy dinosaurs – Grrrr!


You will find the Family Show at the Entertainment Quarter Showring at Moore Park.

Family Show


Check out your local library

Penrith Library often wins the prize for best for kids when it comes to the holidays. In the past they have run reptile and magic shows. Most libraries will be hosting activities for kids over the holidays, even if it’s just storytelling. Check out yours for details.

City Library

City of Sydney Libraries often have a range of activities on offer, from short film festivals and architecture talks, to local heritage tours.


Get out of Sydney

I guess we all need a change of scene sometimes. Go on an adventure. Head north and enjoy the bonus of marginally warmer weather.

North out of Sydney


There’s much more to do

As well as all the special Easter events and activities, there are many more top things to do, hundreds in fact:

Top 100 Things to do – and there’s also ANZAC Day to remember.

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