What to do in Sydney

What to do in Sydney?

What to do, and not to do, in Sydney

Must-see Attractions, the Free and Fun Stuff

What to do in Sydney includes sightseeing tours, free stuff, Harbour Cruises, Sydney’s top events and festivals. This page covers a variety of sources of information and ideas from the top 100 list, must-see attractions, school holidays, free things with an attraction pass, what if it rains, what about outside of Sydney, whether or not you should hire a car and what to avoid. If you can’t something useful amongst that lot please let us know and we will work, and try, harder to find you a fun time in Sydney.

Romance and Adventure

The Sydney things you will enjoy the most, or be attracted to, may be driven by your circumstances, but most of us quite like a little Romance and Adventure.

Top 100 Plus

We have over 150 entries the list just keeps on growing. Even better is the TOP 100 Travel Guide which will save you cash and it fits neatly into your ebook reader for some light reading whilst commuting (by ferry hopefully) between attractions.

Top 100

What if it rains?

Sydney is a city designed for the outdoors. So when it rains, which we actually do need from time to time, you can be left scratching your head a little trying to figure out what to do. We have listed a few surprising things like the beach (well, if you are going to go for a swim..) and few other things you may not have thought of or knew about. We hope you find the list useful.

What if it rains

Go Bush

Within the list are a few that are, if the truth be told, not actually in Sydney. We are basically just acknowledging that visitors are free and bound to visit the countryside to view its outstanding beauty among the other wonderful things worth doing. The Blue Mountains is a case in point. We have pulled some of these things together as attractions close to Sydney. Brisbane and Queensland, being even further away, get their own website, Queensland100.com.

Free with a visitor pass

By limiting you to a set number of attractions the card has a way of narrowing down what you do and see. This is a good or bad thing depending upon the sort of things you want to do. Have a good, hard look at the attractions covered by the pass and then compare it to the stuff on TOP 100 list. What’s not covered that you would really like to do? E.g. Harbour Bridge Climb.

Free things with a visitor pass

Harbour Cruises

You can’t go far wrong in Sydney if you get yourself on the Harbour. It is all good. We have listed a few favourites to help.

Harbour Cruises

School Holidays

We experience a sharp increase in traffic during the school holiday as parents and other ‘related parties’ search for ways to keep a level of sanity within their lives. There are different pages for different holidays but one page that links to them all:

School Holidays


Like most international cities, there is a seemingly endless number of events and activities happening all over Sydney. It is sometimes hard to know which events are worth going to. We attempt to help out by supplying you with a list (naturally) of what we regard as the best entertainment in town. The list is updated weekly and you can sign up to the Newsletter so you don’t need to keep coming back (although not everything gets emailed – we get a bit lazy sometimes, sorry.  🙂

Refer to the Menu at the top of this page for monthly events and festivals.


I’m not sure if Sydney is blessed with more festivals than anyone else but there is certainly room for a Festival of Festivals (or FOF). During FOF week, all the major festivals could provide a sample of what they do in one festival. Mind you, were that to actually happen, everyone would go and Sydney would grind to a halt. So maybe not, go to top things to do in Sydney page and investigate the festivals link.

Should you hire a car?

Whether or not you should hire a car very much depends upon how much time you have. If you are staying for more than a few days then it is well worth considering

Car Hire

What to avoid?

You may have heard a few stories about Australia’s gang of nasties including Snakes, Spiders and Sharks. What are the chances of you actually having any contact with them?

Snakes, Spiders and Sharks

Now what?

Have you read all the above and followed all the links? Wow! Impressive. If you have done all that, and may I say, not in a shy way, we would like your input. I bet you have, or will have once you have done a few top things, something to say:

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