The Locals Guide To Sydney.

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Hidden Treasures

North Bridge  - One of Sydney’s Hidden Treasures

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The Medieval looking North Bridge was one of  Sydney's engineering marvels when it was completed in the 1890s. The suspension bridge is still much admired towering above walkers and joggers in Tunks Park far below.


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One of best walks in Sydney is the Manly to Spit Bridge walk. What is not so widely known is that you don’t have to stop at the Spit Bridge. You can, if you so desire, walk along side Middle Harbour into the heart of the lower north shore to North Bridge. The walk will make you feel more like a local than a tourist as you’ll see few other travelers along the way.

Start from the Marina at the Spit Bridge and walk south along the Spit Reserve. The Spit Reserve soon becomes the Beauty Point Foreshore Walking Track which hugs Sydney’s Middle Harbour. Follow the track for as long as possible until you are force to take the steps up to the road above. Follow Bay Street along side Quakers Hat Bay. From there follow Wyong Road and head towards Wonga Road which leads into Primrose Park. Cut across the park and follow the path to Folly Point. From there, fight your way up the hill, turn right at the mini roundabout into Cowdroy Avenue which will lead you to Tunks Park. When you arrive at Tunks turn left, walk a couple of hundred meters and look up—That’s North Bridge! If you wish to keep going you can walk under North Bridge, along a creek and you eventually arrive at Willoughby Leisure Centre.

Allow yourself plenty of time for this walk and bring your own refreshments. Take a taxi cab number with you [e.g. 132522] incase you can’t face walking back!