Sydney’s Best Parks and Entertainment

Sydney’s Best Parks, Shopping, Entertainment and even a Fort

Not to mention NSW’s answer to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia – so why go anywhere else!

Below you will find the links that support the top 121 to 140 things to do in Sydney. Commentary and more information about these top things to do can be found on the following pages:

Top 130 – [numbers 121 to 130]

The top 130 includes Sir Joseph Banks Park, Fort 1801 by Middle Harbour, the Cook and Phillip Park, Newtown, the Strand Arcade, Sydney Town Hall, Fox Studios and the Entertainment Quarter (EQ).

Top 140 – [numbers 131 to 140]

The top 140 things to do includes Berowra Waters, the poor man’s alternative to the Bungle Bungles ranges, Barangaroo and Woolloomooloo, The Nan Tien Temple (the largest Buddhist Temple this side of the equator), Darling Harbour’s Welcome Wall, Parramatta, City Walking Tours, Hang Gliding, Stanwell Park, Water Taxis, Bowling and Bowling Clubs.

More Visitor Information

Below you’ll find links to other websites that support the listings. For more information, and commentary, please use the navigation bar on your left or the links above.

121 – Sir Joseph Banks Park

Sir Joseph Banks is a well loved park close to Botany Bay complete with nice walks, a maze, sculptures and great views.

122 – Fort 1801 Middle Harbour   Fort 1801 is another newish attraction ..kind of on account of actually being over 200 years old (?)

123 – Hunters Hill

124 – Cook and Phillip Park   Cook and Phillip Park is good for a swim and an escape from any unfriendly weather that might be hanging around.

126 – Newtown PubsNewtown Precinct and Enmore Newtown Theatre

Newtown is a colourful area and quite unique.

127 –  Strand Arcade   The Strand Arcade is an impressive arcade that runs from Pitt Street into George. So you should use it as a ‘short-cut’ if nothing else.

128 – Town Hall (guided tours)

If you can get on a tour, highlights will include the Lower Ground Vault, the Grand Organ and a model of Sydney.

129 – Marble Bar

130 – EQ – Entertainment Quarter

The Entertainment Quarter (EQ) and Fox Studios are just a little detached from the rest of Sydney in the sense that you can’t just walk down to the harbour or other key attractions. Well, that’s not strictly true, it just might take a while. You could also walk through Centennial Park. Consequently most people drive or catch the bus.

131 – Berowra Waters – Berowra Waters is a lovely spot on the edge of Sydney’s north west. It resides down here in the rankings as we have received some negative feedback.

132 – Gardens Of Stone National Park

Would you like to the visit the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia? You could just visit the Gardens of Stone National Park in NSW as a ‘poor man’s alternative’.

133 – Barangaroo and Woolloomooloo

Aren’t the names just great. The walk is not bad either.

134 – Nan Tien Temple – The Nan Tien Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple this side of the equator.

135 – Welcome Wall   The Welcome Wall is yet another Darling Harbour attraction.

136 – Discover Parramatta

Parramatta, the geographic centre of Sydney, has a history and an attraction all of its own.

137 –  City Walking Tours Guide   The city is a great place to go for a stroll.

138 –  Hang Gliding Australia | Stanwell Park, NSW |  HangglideOZ

139 –  Water Taxi   You don’t come across too many traffic jams in a Water Taxi.

140 –  Bowling / Bowling Clubs

Bowling is a very popular activity in Australia. The clubs often run events and promotions to encourage new members.

Day Trips

Why would anyone would every want to leave Sydney(?) is a nice sentiment but in reality, a perfectly reasonable and understandable thing to do. We all need a break sometimes. We can only stand so much gorgeousness. So if you are looking to escape paradise, for another slice of paradise, we have launched, or rather re-launched, a page for stops between Sydney and Brisbane. It also incorporates some day trip ideas, so it is not just for those with a car. We will probably enlarge and split it into two pages, stops and day trips, but for now it is all rolled into one.

Top 100

Whatever you do and wherever you do it, please don’t forget to bookmark the Top 100 Home Page, and while you are at it, you might like to invest in a TOP100 e-book to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of being in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

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