History of Sydney including Hyde Park Barracks

History of Sydney including Hyde Park Barracks, Ghost Tours and the Powerhouse Museum

Top 60 Things to do in Sydney – Links to more information

Top 41 to 60 things to do in Sydney

Get a taste of the rich history of Sydney with a visit to Hyde Barracks, Ghost Tours and the Powerhouse Museum. There are also top natural attractions like the Harbour Islands with their unsurpassed views. We also have the local wildlife, festivals such as the Sydney Festival and Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi Beach. If that’s not to your taste you could easily pay a visit to the Lane Cove National Park as it runs right into the very heart of the city.

More information on the top things to do

This page contains top travel information and links for the top 41 to 60 things to do in Sydney. The very top link e.g. “Top 45 things to do” will take you to commentary, tips and local advice.

Top 45 things to do

41 Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks

Hyde Park Barracks is run by the Historic Houses Trust which also looks after a number of other museums around Sydney. Please click on the link provided above to the Historic Houses Trust website and then again on the link to Hyde Park Barracks currently under ‘Visit’.

42 Rocks Ghost Tours

You will find the Rocks Ghost Tour on Sydney’s top 45 things to do page, just click the link above. We include most tours, and some important links, on the commentary pages just to keep things interesting 🙂

(141) Q Station Ghost Tour

The Q Station Ghost Tour is included with the Q Station listing. Please don’t be put off too much by the lowly ranking (No. 141). The place just feels a bit odd which is a good thing when it comes to Ghost Tours.

43 Matilda Shark Island Ferry Service

Matilda is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cruise operator on the harbour. They appear to have been given the contract by the government to run ferry services to some of the Harbour Islands. You will find a ‘Ferry Services’ link on their web site. Matilda will also take you to two Islands in one day (Island Hopper).

Fort Denison

Fort Denison is open every day for self-guided and guided tours. It has a museum, restaurant and unbeatable views.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is bigger than Fort Denison, has a more recent history and hosts events. There is more to do, at Cockatoo.

Goat Island

In order to visit Goat Island you have to go on a short tour. The tour starts just before eleven and lasts for just over two hours. Being a small place, you won’t be doing much walking, instead there will be a lot of talking. You’ll be back at Circular Quay before you know it with your head full of convict tales. Sydney hasn’t always been a such a great place to be.

44 Jenolan Cave

Jenolan caves are pretty cool, they stay at roughly the same temperature all year round, about 16-17 degrees Celsius, and that’s pretty cool. Well worth the trek once you have done a few other things closer to town. A trip or tour to Jenolan Caves is also a good idea if you feel you need a change of scenery, as the scenery certainly doesn’t get much more ‘changed’ than when you are underground.  🙂

45 Sydney Festival

If you are lucky enough to be here during the Sydney Festival you are in for a quite a treat. It usually starts in the second week in January and finishes on Australia Day (26th Jan).

Festivals and Events and Doing Stuff

Don’t miss out of any fun events or interesting festivals that are looming up like a roaring tide of frivolity. Just have a look at the menu at the top of this page. It’s a big city and there is lots of stuff going on everywhere. You can keep a head of the tide of events by signing up to the Top 100 Newsletter and the creme dela creme of things to do in Sydney will fall into your inbox. Sometimes they will be huge events with multi million dollar budgets. Others may be small and community based but rich with entertainment value. We don’t discriminate on size, only quality.

Top 50 Things To Do

46 Sculptures By The Sea – Bondi Beach

48 Olympic Park

49 Featherdale Wildlife Park

50 Nielsen Park

Opera House

Don’t be put off by the fact that an attraction is fair way down the list. If you are interested in something don’t be put off by the number attached to it. As if to prove the point – the Opera House is further down the pecking order than anything on this page!

Top 60 Things To Do

51 Nielsen Park to Rose Bay – Map and useful Information

52 Lane Cove National Park

53 Glenworth Valley Horse Riding

54 Milsons Point and McMahons Point

55 Luna Park

56 Hot Air Ballooning

57 Cremorne Point Walk

59 Walk from Coogee Beach to Maroubra Beach

Click on the “Coastal Walkway” PDF map on the left-hand side of the website linked above

60 Powerhouse Museum

Top 100 things to do

If you are feeling a little lost with all this stuff head off to the Home Page and just follow the list. Sometimes we can over complicate things, it’s a visit, a search for something to do or a holiday, not a business plan. You could also buy the book and refer to it as often, and whenever, you want.

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