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Brooklyn and the Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River

Brooklyn and Hawkesbury River is famous, yet low-key, River Postman Cruise but mostly just for its camera clicking scenery.

61 Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River

Brooklyn offers the visitor tours of the Hawkesbury River as well as a number of other water based things to do. As mentioned in the commentary (“Top 70 things to do“), you might like to keep going north for another half an hour to visit Penang Gardens and Wondabyne Standstone Sculptures. The Penang Gardens are located north of the Mooney, Mooney Bridge towards Gosford on the Central Coast. Click for directions from Brooklyn.

62 Hawkesbury River Postman.

The Hawkesbury River Postman gives you a bit of history, a feel for the local communities and great Hawkesbury River Views.

63 Sightseeing and Bus Tours link is on top 70 commentary page.

64 Diving   Dive into Pro-Dive for a number challenging and interesting dives.

65 Wet’n’Wild – Wet’n’Wild is one of Sydney’s newest attractions at Prospect near Parramatta. They claim it is the world’s largest water park with the biggest, tallest, fastest etc. (you know you have heard it before) but it does look like a lot of fun.

66 Walk the Harbour Bridge Video– For more information on walking the Harbour Bridge visit “Top 70 things to do“.

67 The Sydney Swans. For more about Aussie Rules Football refer to the  “Top 70 things to do“.

68 Captain Cook’s Landing Place – Top 70 things to do” will give you more.

Opera House on the Rocks

What visitor would come to Sydney and not want to see the iconic Opera House? You will find a tour of the interior of the house with the funny looking roof below. The Rocks, a mere five minute walk from the Opera House, is also a key attraction for it’s history, market and entertainment values.

69 Sydney Opera House Tours   The Sydney Opera House undertakes “underneath the world famous sails” and concentrates on the architecture and design of Jorn Utzon’s World Heritage masterpiece. This tour lasts about an hour. Another tour worth considering is the backstage tour which focuses on the business end of the Opera House and the dramas that have unfolded away from the spotlights. This takes about two hours which possibly goes to show that gossip is more time consuming and interesting than fact? 🙂

Best of Australia

In between the extremes you can consider doing such diverse activities as setting foot where Captain Cook first laid boot on Australian soil and, continuing the Australian theme, watch a game of Aussie Rules or take lunch at the Harbour View Hotel. Is this all too much? Well maybe, maybe it is easier just to stay close to the Harbour. If you venture too far you might risk being overwhelmed by just how wonderful this spot on Australia’s coast really is.

Top 80 Things To Do

71 Imax Theatre

72 Vivid Festival

72 Film Festival

74 Alpine Way, Snowy Mountains

75 Rosehill Racecourse and Randwick Racecourse

76 Circus Oz

77 Click for current exhibits at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

78 The Rocks

79 Puppet Theatre

80 Blues Point Reserve

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