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Advertising Sydney100 – Your ads on the Top 100 things to do in Sydney

General Principles

Advertising Sydney100 – We do consider advertisements that fit in with the content of the site and add some value to our readers. We do not use ads to replace the content of Sydney100. In other words, we will not list an advertiser as a top thing to do in Sydney. We may place an ad alongside a top 100 plus listing to add value to the experience for the reader.

Fine Line?

This may seem like a fine line between the two but the key thing here is the nature of the activity and what came first. So if we are approached, for example, to advertise a tour of the Blue Mountains, we will see if we already have the Blue Mountains listed (we do, at No 11 and 12) and compare the tour advertisement to any we currently have. If we think it is better, or compliments what is there already, then we will include it. If not, we won’t.

How many Ads do you have on the website?

We actually don’t carry many ads at all outside of contextual and affiliate marketing type ads. These ads do seem to fit in, most of the time, with the content. See further down for more on contextual advertising. They are also easy to manage and remove. So if an advertiser wanted to advertise a tour that would add value to our readers, we might remove an affiliate link or contextual ad to facilitate the placement of that ad. The last thing we would want is a crowded page full of ads.

Why not just include all the ads

It would devalue the site, reduce its usefulness and ultimately, reduce the amount of traffic the website attracts.

Non Tour Advertisements

We will not advertise products and services that do not relate to the core function of the website i.e. travel and entertainment. For example, we would not carry ads for financial planning.

Top Accommodation

We will accept ads for accommodation as long as they appear reasonable. Placement of these ads would probably be an issue for discussion with the advertiser. We would, however, avoid confusing the reader into thinking a stay in the advertised hotel was a listed ‘top thing to do’.

Contextual Advertising

We do notice from time to time that some contextual ads don’t appear to fit into the principles outlined above. We have banned some ads in the past but the reality is these kind of ads don’t last. Apologies if you come across any of these advertisements. Relevancy is improving over time.

Sydney100 Travel Guide

We have an Ebook called the Sydney100 Travel Guide. It is of course a brilliant read, a must have, your life will be complete if you buy one. We do link quite liberally to the book page and don’t apologise for doing so. The book is a useful product, does contain more “to do” information as well as a “Hidden Sydney” section and a few other extras, so why not.

Sydney100 Travel Guide

Do you still want to place an ad?

That’s great. Just so long as it fits in with the principles outlined above and we can agree a price. Please send us your banner or text link with an indication of your budget. To get in touch just leave a comment below.

Sydney100 Testimonials

“We asked to assist us with the promotion of the Darling Harbour Hoopla Festival. We were very happy with the results with Sydney100’s contribution outperforming all other external websites excluding Google and Facebook. We have no hesitation in recommending their services and intend to engage them again on future campaigns”.

Tania McLachlan
A/Manager, Digital Channels
Harbour Foreshore Authority

Not so small print

All promotions are subject to review. The actual listings themselves are not ‘for sale’. We reserve the right to refuse any promotions before and after their publication. If approved ads are subsequently removed by us we will refund any monies paid for period the advertisements were no longer on-line.

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