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Testimonials – What was the best thing you did in Sydney?

The Best things To Do

The best things about Sydney and are listed numerically from the navigation bar on your left. We call them the top things to do. Alternatively, just go straight to the very best :

Best things to do in Sydney

and just work your way through the list. Each page is linked to the next page, and the last page, so the list is pretty easy to get around.

The Best Festivals and Events

Sydney100 also lists the best festivals and the best events from the menu at the top of the page. These ‘What’s on’ and Festival pages are updated on a regular basis. In order not to miss anything, you might also want to consider signing up to the best travel Newsletter in Sydney! Not that we are biased or anything. Mind you, there might be one or two people that might possibly agree with us. Have a quick read of the testimonials below.


We have been lucky enough to have had some very kind and generous people come visit us. Some have even been kind enough to let us know what they think. Below are some of their comments. If you would like to let us what you think we would love to here from you.

What was the best thing you did? Please contact us or comment below:

“love this site. You guys do an excellent job and I love your humour!…you have a great site and I only wish I knew about it sooner”.Sue

“Absolutely fantastic!! Use it all the time… it helped me with choosing whether to climb the harbour bridge and I ended up doing so!! It was great” From Elise xxoo 🙂

“My wife and I will be visiting in September and cannot wait for our visit. Thanks for the wonderful website.” – Stephen

“You do a great job and your site is a huge help for visitors to Sydney. I just wish you had a print-friendly option”. Gillian

“Firstly, congratulations on an excellent website, full of great ideas. My question is, is it possible to print the complete list” Rosemary

[Now there is a printer friendly version- The Travel Guide]

I’ve just come across this site and its very good. One suggestion is to have an alphabetical listing on the home page to make it easier to find certain things. Kate

[After receiving this comment we added the a Search Engine at the foot of the home page]

“This site is fabbo – a real “one stop shop” for Sydney ideas….I use it to death when we have visitors”

[Big Thank You to the kind lady who posted this on Essential Baby’s Forum ]

“This is brill! Thanks” Steve

“..and this site [us that is] is brilliant.”.Dani

“Charming Site!” Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer

Hello Great website. Do you have a list of top things to do with kids? Kind regards Michelle

[Still thinking this one over]

I love your website – my mum comes over from England and as each year goes by, it gets harder and harder to think of new and interesting things to do. Your website never fails me. Emma

There’s the sad side to being in Sydney – having to leave

I live in London and I torture myself with this email – I would love to be there ;-))

I came over on 1990 on a working visa and worked in Sydney in George Street and then travelled all over. My heart is in Sydney and one day I will return. I have 2 kids now and just never had the time or the money to come back.

I also had a job on the River Boat from Pier 1 so I spent a lot of time on the harbour – enjoy the views;-)))))

But not everyone loves it here

Berowra shouldn’t be 74…should be like 100000000000

[so poor old Berowa fell down the list a little]

Nice site but i have to say, what is there really to do in sydney that is exciting? no big theme parks, you could walk the bridge if you can afford it, a cruise on the water is nice but really what about the real exciting stuff? i cant find anything else….help

The short version of our reply [I don’t want to bore, you have come so far]

“Thanks for your feedback and kind words. Many would agree that Sydney should have a large theme park. The industry and government haven’t invested much since the Olympics and its beginning to tell. Anyway, Sky Walk is a cheaper alternative to Bridge Climb: No 6. I don’t want etc and there is the original Harbour Bridge Pylon which is great value but no substitute. Then there is Canoeing, Hang Gliding, Abseiling (Blue Mountains), White Water (Penrith), Racing, Surfing, Jet Boating, Ghost Tours, Swimming with Sharks, Diving and few other adventure type activities.

If you are prepared to travel a little bit there’s Jenolan Caves fours hour west of Sydney and the Snowy Mountains and bit further south. There are also various places you can go hiking and camping…blah, blah, blah

and at Christmas things really get bad:

???? surely you guys can’t be serious, xmas in Sydney, what a joke, no lights, no decorations, very shallow and a lacking spirit, especially for children, I think next year will be spent in my children’s home state of Qld, very poor effort ………………..xmas in Sydney, let me think, NO WAY.

But we would prefer to finish on a positive note:

I wanted to say thank you for your incredibly helpful and informative website. I am going to Sydney for a long weekend next week to catch the last A-league game of the season and wanted to see a bit of the city while I was there. I googled Sydney and came up with very useless, (presumably Government sponsored) websites that told me where the 5 star accommodation and the pricey restaurants were and little else. Your website has given me some great ideas, loads more than I can fit into a weekend, but hey, everyone loves choice. So cheers from this Melbournite and all her mates and keep up the stellar work.

The best things to do

Use the listing of the top things to do to find the best things that you want to do and don’t forget to bookmark when you do find something so you can find it a second time.

And the best thing is..

If you have any comments good or bad please let us know. What was the best thing you did? We do listen and we do try to improve so we would love to hear from you.

The Newsletter

Conversely you might like to hear from us.

“Thank you for all this great info. Please keep the emails coming!” Pat

It’s free to subscribe to our Newsletter, all we need is your name and email address, and it’s easy to unsubscribe.

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