Should you hire a Car from Sydney Airport

Should you hire a Car from Sydney Airport?

Kingsfords Smith Airport Car Rental, Cab, Train, Bus and Uber

Sydney Car Hire Specials

Should you hire a car from Sydney Airport? You may not find the best deal that way. Get some price comparisons before you spend your cash.

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Car Hire from Kingsford Smith Airport

You will find the usual suspects at Kingsford Smith, Sydney’s airport. Their little cubical offices are ready to test out your credit card and your patience.

Airport Shuttle Bus

When you drop off your car rental be aware you will almost certainly have to factor in a courtesy shuttle bus. Check when you hire and make sure you allow extra time. There is nothing wrong with hiring a car at the airport, it might cost more and not save you much time in practice but at least it’s done, sorted, out of the way, before you commence your stay.

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Catch the Train

The train service is good and tends to be under used. It is a little bit of a trek from the terminal. Keep your trolley with you. Price wise it makes more sense for singles and couples. If you are traveling in a group a cab may not be that much more expensive assuming you only need one taxi. If you are staying close to the city the train makes more sense.

Train from Sydney Airport

Catch a Cab from the Airport

Whilst much improved the Taxi rank system can be a joke of the seriously unfunny kind. Endure, the queue will diminish and your journey will end. Not that you get any choice but Silver Cabs are generally best. Good luck.

Catch the Airport Shuttle

The Sydney Wide Airport Shuttle specialize in family, and group transfers of 5-50 passengers, you will be picked up inside the terminals, or at your address. They promise to get you to and from Sydney Airport in plenty of time. The service is not a shared shuttle bus service, so you don’t have to wait on other passengers. Flights are monitored, so if your flight is delayed, you will not miss your pick up. The bus I travelled on was comfortable and air-conditioned and I thoroughly recommend the service.

Airport Shuttle

Uber from Sydney Airport

You can always Uber it.

Uber from Sydney Airport

Catch a Shared Shuttle Bus

A cheaper option particularly if you are heading for the suburbs. Down side is the number of stops before yours. Ask how long the journey will last. Then ask again. Take the estimated timings with a pinch of salt – it will take longer, try to be patient.

Shared Shuttle Bus

Accept that offer of a lift

The best option. You have probably flown a long way. You deserve it.


Just kidding.

Getting Back Home – International Flights

If you flew into Sydney you will probably need a plane to fly you back. I know, ‘do I really have to go through that again’, I’m afraid so. The teleport station doesn’t open until the year 2250. 🙂

Cab it or catch the Airport Shuttle unless you have spent all of your cash. Order a Silver Cab and relax. At least get the first leg of your journey out of the way without stress. Make sure you leave in plenty of time.

Getting Back Home – Domestic Flights

You could drive back. It will take longer and probably cost more but it’s the journey not the destination (particularly if you have to go back to work). 🙂

Should you hire your car from your accommodation?

Whilst you are recovering from your flight, perhaps getting ready for dinner, you are paying for car hire. Do you really need a car on your first day in Sydney?

Car Rental in Australia


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