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Do you need to rent a car in Sydney?

Should you rent a vehicle whilst in Sydney?

Car Hire in Sydney – should you rent a vehicle whilst in Sydney? If this is your first time, and you are only here for one or two days, you are probably better off going on a tour and using public transport rather than renting a car. Sydney is a beautiful harbour city, so why not make the most of it and catch the ferry as much as possible. Riding on the Manly Ferry is ranked as the best things to do.

Stay for more than two days in Sydney

If you are staying more than a couple of days you will need to rent a vehicle if you want to see as much of Sydney as possible. Public transport is good to and from the city but beyond that it can be a challenge. Many visitors, and locals for that matter, don’t like having to wait for public transport or sharing their journey with others. If you decide to rent a car, it will save you time travelling but it will obviously add to the cost of your stay.

If I rent a vehicle in Sydney will I have problems parking it?

If you rent a vehicle you will find it easier to park compared to many other large international cities, particularly those in Europe. There are parking stations just about everywhere. Darling Harbour, for example, has ample parking, but you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it.

Street Parking

Whilst street parking your car is often limited and restricted, particularly in the city, it does exist and is viable option on non-business days. Just be prepared, however, to spend some time driving around in your car rental looking for a suitable empty space to park it in.

How expensive is it to rent a car in Sydney?

If you factor in the cost of the parking, traffic tolls, petrol, insurance it is expensive to hire a vehicle anywhere. With car hire insurance watch out for the excess. Car hire companies in Sydney often quote with a high excess and then offer to lower it for an additional fee.


If you decide to rent a vehicle be flexible in your choices and you will increase your chances of getting a good deal.

Car Hire from Kingsford Smith Airport

Should you rent a vehicle from the airport? How much of a hassle is it? Is it more expensive?

Car Rental from Kingsford Smith Airport

Car Hire from your Accommodation

If you can get to your accommodation without hiring a vehicle, should you rent a vehicle from your hotel or bed and breakfast?

Sydney Accommodation

Hiring a vehicle from your accommodation, as opposed hiring your vehicle from the airport, should save you money, so shop around. Another plus of car hire from where you are staying is you don’t have the hassle of dropping your vehicle off at the airport. Dropping off your vehicle at the airport will add more time to journey home. Your last day in Sydney should be as relaxed and as stress free as possible.

Recommended Car Hire

Your hotel / B&B may have a recommended a car hire firm. Ask about/for the discount. If they laugh at you – shop around.

Now you have decided to hire a car – stay longer and make the most of it

I think most locals enjoy having visitors, so would you consider staying a bit longer? Once you are ready to hire your vehicle book it for as long as possible – let’s just consider some fun reasons for extending your stay.

Top things to do in Sydney

There are over 150 top things to do in Sydney and counting. Please make sure you have had a good look at the list before you go as we don’t want you to miss out on anything.

Top things to do

As well as all the top things to do, which don’t change very often, we also keep an eye on all the top events and festivals that come to life, brighten up our lives for a short period, and then depart, often to return the following year. You will find links to Sydney’s best events and festival above. Better still, sign up the Newsletter and we will keep you informed on what is happening whether you have hired a car or not.

Have rented vehicle, will travel!

We have rather gone off the subject car hire a little so forgive us for that but you need somewhere to drive your rented vehicle somewhere so it is relevant in that sense. We hope you have a great stay, make it as long as you can and come back soon.

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