Favourite things to do in Sydney

Favourite Things to do in Sydney

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Here you will find the  list of the favourite things to do in Sydney. We do not list all the things to do, just the best. Our aim is to allow you to choose from the best rather than all the rest. You should find the best places, activities and attractions – the top things to do in fact. So if your question is along the lines of where is the best beach or must see attraction the answer should be in listings of the top things to do. So how do you find your favourite things to do in Sydney?

The Top 100

The navigation bars link to the top things to do but you can also easily move from one page to the next without using the navigation bar as there are links at the foot of each page.

I can’t find an event I’m looking for

If you can’t find an event you’re looking for then we probably don’t think it is worth listing. If you believe otherwise please let us know.

Festivals and Holidays

As well as event links there are links to major cultural festivals like the Sydney Festival. In addition, there are School Holiday pages to help with keeping yourself sane and the kids happy over the school break. Please refer to the menu at the top of this page.

Contact Us

If you still can’t find what you are looking for or if you have any questions or comments please contact us or sign up to our Newsletter (you can just reply to them – your responses don’t go to everybody) or make your comments on Facebook.

Wonderful Sydney

If you live here or are just visiting, please let us know your favourite thing to do. Please let us know even if it’s something that might not be that earth shattering, but is free and easy to do. Some times the simple things, like time on a quiet beach or a beautiful walk can be the best.

Top Experiences

Let us know whatever your top experience was so others can also appreciate, or appreciate even more, what a great and wonderful place this really is.

Not so wonderful

Nobody is perfect, particularly us. If you have endured a bad experience and have a negative comment about us, please tell us. It might help visitors and locals alike and we might learn something. We do our best but we make mistakes too. When they occur we do the adult thing ( and blame the government :-)) and fix the problem if we can.

You can also write to us:

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