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Top 100 FAQ – Things to do in Sydney

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Top 100 FAQ might tell you something useful about Sydney100. For starters the listing is obviously subjective. We can’t say with certainty you’ll enjoy anything. So with that in mind we have tended to push the more expensive and/or distant places down the list. Distant places being those furthest from the centre of town.

How often do you amend the list?

There is no set time frame for amendments. We periodically add new things to do to the list. They usually start life towards the end of the list. If you have a look at the top 150:

Top 150 (Plus)

You should find one or two entries that deserve to be higher up the list. We would love to here your advice as it can become quite a difficult exercise. For everything that goes up something must come down.

So places like QVB aren’t worth visiting because they are too far down the list?

I quite like the QVB actually and so do many others. The ranking our attempt to ensure you get the best out of Sydney – most of the world’s other great cities have fine buildings. Few, if any, have the natural splendour and cosmopolitan attractions that make this city so special.

Canberra isn’t in Sydney…

And a few others besides but they are all doable whilst based in Sydney. It would just seem unhelpful to exclude things to do because they aren’t actually here. We deal with this issue by generally listing more distant attractions further down the list.

You can’t count – more than hundred attractions are listed

Yes – also see above.

What’s wrong with Melbourne?

Absolutely nothing, just not as much right with it as Sydney.

I disagree with you

Good – please tell us how it is. We do listen and consider other peoples views. We have a number of things to do that probably deserve to be higher up the list. If you can point out a few that you believe are too high up, that actually makes our job easier.

Just your opinion?

Numerous other people have contributed and argued with me. Feel free to join in.

Best Bits

lf you find you really enjoyed the zoo, or the ferry or the bridge or whatever – consider doing it again. No law says you have to do everything and only once. Most residents never get to see half of what Sydney has to offer – don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll do’ everything like crossing items off a shopping list…….?


Invariable some of these won’t work. Please let us know so we can fix it / find an alternative.

You’re wrong!!

Tell us and we’ll fix it.

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