Jazz and Blues Festival Sydney

Jazz and Blues Festival Sydney

What’s on at the Jazz and Blues Festival Sydney?

Well not much at Darling Harbour as they have killed off the Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival. A bit of a dumb decision given the following it has built up.

The day the music died… 🙁

At the tender age of 22, the Jazz and Blues Festival at Darling Harbour in Sydney is dead. It has been killed off by government cut backs, either that or they just hate music. Never mind, you can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music, the Manly Jazz Festival will continue to carry the flag, or trumpet, saxophone and all that Jazz, whilst we hope for a reprieve.

22 Years of Blues Music in Darling Harbour – RIP

RIP Music in Sydney

For those who need to time to mourn the Jazz Festivals passing and for those that would like to know what is was like, you know, before the music hating politicians killed it off, we will keep the overview of the festival below for little while longer.


We invite any musicians to play the last rites or wake at Darling Harbour on the June weekend in memory of what was in order to keep the spirit of the Jazz Festival alive. Hopefully it will return in 2014. Please let us know if you will be playing and we will let our readers know about it.

For now, let us go back in time to 2012:

The Darling Harbour Jazz & Blues Festival is celebrating it’s 22nd Birthday by inviting you to a very special party this forthcoming Queen’s Birthday June Long Weekend. Revel in a musical extravaganza as the true greats from the world of music line up to entertain you.

So who is playing?

It’s hard to keep Australian James Morrison away from a Jazz Festival, then there’s The Harry James Angus Band, James Valentine, Smith / Stack / Thistlethwayte and so many more. See the link below for the full program. I almost forgot, “La Toosh L’art de vivre – The art of living! Australia’s premiere boutique crepe cafe and mobile entertainment venue” will also be taking part in the festival.

When does the action start?

You have to wait till 11am on Saturday 9th June for Darling Harbour Jazz Parade to commence.

Tumbalong Bar, 11am – 6pm, Saturday, 9th June – Monday, 11th June

Just like last year, you can kick back in the relaxed alfresco bar enjoying delicious food and a glass of wine while taking in the headline acts on the festival’s main stage in Tumbalong Park. If that doesn’t appeal, there are numerous places to eat and drink in Darling Harbour. In addition, whilst the festival is running, you will be able to grab a soft drink or ice cream from numerous vending carts located around the harbour.

Who much does it cost?

I know it is hard to believe with so many world class artists performing at the Jazz and Blues festival but there is no general admission fee. You can expect to see most of the performances free of charge.

Anything else happening?

darling harbour

If that’s not enough there will a be a Jazzisation of the Chinese Garden.

Moonlight in the Chinese Garden – 7pm – 9pm, Saturday, 9th June and Sunday, 10th June

For just $15 you can soak up a special Moonlight experience. Head off to the Chinese Garden of Friendship and expose your ears to some high quality jazz. Musicians included award winning Phil Slater Freedman on trumpet, equally talented Aaron Flower on guitar and brilliant saxophonist Jeremy Rose. In addition, be moved by living sound art and stunned by the visual installations created by Ben Carey and James Walker.

Teahouse Bar, Waterfalls, Lakes and Exotic Plants

The Teahouse bar was a great place to chill where you could have enjoyed the the stone pathways, stunning plants, lakes and waterfalls.


Follow the link below for a full program of acts and events from Friday through to Monday.

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