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Mardi Gras Sydney

Best things to do at the Sydney Mardi Gras – What to do during Mardi Gras in Sydney

From Friday, 15th February to Sunday, 3rd March it’s Mardi Gras in Sydney. The Mardi Gras parade is on the 2nd March. Are you going to see or take part in the largest parade and celebration of its kind in the world?

Fair Day

Fair Day is a fair start to the official Mardi Gras season, with a fun and a relaxed atmosphere out in the park with friends and family, you can even bring a furry friend if you are so inclined. Up to 70,000 are expected to sit on the Mardi Gras grass on Fair Day, then stuff themselves on the plethora of delicacies available at the stalls, have a few drinks but most of all catch up with old friends and make new ones. This is also a good opportunity to plan your Mardi Gras festivities.

Entertainment for everyone

There will be colour and activities a plenty, with a range of entertainment for everyone.

Fair Day

Pool Party – Ivy Pool Bar, 320 George Street

The Mardi Gras Pool Party is a wet and wild thing you do at one of Sydney’s most exclusive clubs. Pool Party is in for the day at the luxury of Ivy Pool Bar for an occasion you are unlikely to forget.

DJ in my Bathroom

Get your gear off and relax by the pool, or relax by a cocktail. Go for a splash in the pool or just dance, dance, dance! There will be music everywhere, there’s even a DJ in the bathroom, always ready to lend a hand – or maybe not.  🙂

So party with the beautiful people and escape the Sydney heat if it’s hot and stay cool, if it’s not.

Pool Party

The Famous Sydney Mardi Gras Parade – Oxford Street

If you have never seen it then the Parade is a must. You don’t have to be gay to enjoy the humour, the irreverence, the music, costumes, energy and fun that the Parade generates. It’s going to be awesome.

Oxford Street

On Mardi Gras night Oxford Street will be transformed by a multitude of bodies. Some dressed in custom, some dressed in a dress, some won’t be dressed in much at all and that’s just the crowd.  This is magical, a happy time of people being themselves or someone else and just having fun. Whilst the Parade is scheduled to start around 7.45pm, you are advised to get there much earlier. Grab a spot on the sidelines or watch the parade from the great vantage point of an Oxford St bar balcony.

Dykes on Bikes

We are in for a bigger treat than usual with the parade the year. Celebrating the big 40 the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade heralds the return of marching Lesbians including Xena Warrior Princess and the Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls. Cheer the ever popular Dykes on Bikes as they rev their engines at the front of the parade and copy the dance moves of the Asian marching boys. The Parade route begins at Hyde Park, travels up Oxford St and unravels at Moore Park Road.

Mardi Gras Parade

The official word

There’s loads more, There’s so much more than we talk about here, so click away but don’t disappear, there’s still well over a 100 other top things to do in Sydney

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