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School Holidays in Sydney

When are the School Holidays in Sydney and NSW?

Things to do with the kids in Sydney

School Holidays

School holidays in Sydney should be a time for families to come together and enjoy each others company. Did I say should be? There’s no should be about it. Whatever works rules. With that fact in mind, we have slowly been putting together a lists of things to do and even a few that you might like to do unhampered by small, or smallish, people over the school holidays. So have a look through and see what you think.

When are the School Holidays?

There are four School Holidays in Sydney and NSW. One for each season, Autumn, Winter, Spring and the big one, Summer. Each holiday provides opportunities and challenges for families, but more about that latter. For now lets be boringly factual. The dates of the school break vary each year:

Easter, April or Autumn School Holidays in Sydney

  • Start – Monday, 13th April 2020
  • Finish – Friday, 24th April 2020

July or Winter School Holidays in Sydney

  • Start – Monday, 6th July 2020
  • Finish – Friday, 17th July 2020

Spring School Holidays in Sydney Spring 

  • Start – Monday, 28th September 2020
  • Finish – Friday, 9th October 2020

Summer School Holidays in Sydney

  • Start – Monday, 23rd December 2019
  • Finish – Monday, 27th January 2020

NSW Education Department

Source is the NSW Education Department. Private schools generally have longer vacations. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because you are paying for it. We suggest you visit your school’s website.

Things to do in Sydney

Below you will find links to a list of events and things to do during the school break. We generally update the pages a month or two before the holidays. This is mainly because many of the holiday activities aren’t announced until then. If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you.

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Autumn Break

The Autumn Break doesn’t always include the Easter public holidays but will, at the very least, be close. Consequently it’s a bit of an escape from Sydney often followed by, ‘why did we leave’ type of break given the potential traffic. There also much on over the Easter period in Sydney so think long and hard before you jump into your car.

Things to do during the Autumn (Easter) School Holidays

Winter Break

This is a good time to chill out as it will be chilly. Still, there’s the snow, winter festivals and Christmas in July to name but a few of the goings on in chilly Sydney and NSW.

Things to do during the Winter School Holidays

Spring Break

The promise of warmer weather often leads to a exodus to the coast. Just remember it takes the sea a little longer to warm up and take a jumper with you (yes mum).

Things to do during the Spring School Holidays

Summer Break

The big scary long Summer Break includes all the Christmas fuss, family, presents, cooking, sorry I’m depressing you. It’s ok, it will be alright. Plan a little ahead, get help, better still get the kids to help and it’ll be all over before you can say ‘that wasn’t so bad’.

Things to do during the Summer School Holidays

What’s on in Sydney, Festivals and Events

Local councils often run events for kids over the vacation period so check your local council. Even shopping centre are hosting events. You should also try the list of the:

 Top 100 plus things to do in Sydney

What are you doing over the School Holidays?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Ask other mums and dads what they are doing over the vacation period. This is a good source ideas and, if they say “not much” or something similar, you could try, would your little Johnny, Mary, terror whatever like to come over to our place for a play, homework session, football, to help paint the house? etc, whatever is appropriate. They are bound to reciprocate.

Think Positive

What do your kids like to do? It’s their vacation after all, so what do they want to do excluding anything else you don’t want them spending too much time on. If they are old enough, put the pressure on them. If they don’t have any sensible ideas threaten them with “I’ll think of something for you to do” e.g. paint the house.

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