Sightseeing on Sydney Harbour

Sightseeing on Sydney Harbour

Top sights and attractions, Bondi Beach and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

So what sights should you see?

The Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Just everybody who comes to Sydney for the first time, are naturally very keen to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The fact is you will see them over and over again if, as you should, plan to spend some time on and the Harbour.

Where to take photographs

A favourite spot to view and take photographs of the Harbour Bridge is from the Opera House. A great way to return the compliment is to climb the Harbour Bridge Pylon and take pictures of the Opera House, the Harbour and the skyline from an unparalleled vantage point.

Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

From the Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout you should be able to see all the way through to Sydney Heads. You might find yourself wondering how Sydney looks from the entrance to the Harbour.

Watsons Bay

There’s one way to find out and that’s to visit Watsons Bay in the Eastern Suburbs. Watsons Bay is near South Head, the entrance to the Harbour. With the sea to the east of you, Sydney Heads to the north and the Harbour to the west, you aren’t sort of places to explore and sights to see.

Doyles Restaurant

A key attraction at Watsons Bay is the famous Doyles Restaurant. This family restaurant can trace back its beginnings back to 1885. You still buy take away fish and chips and eat them on the beach or grass reserve near the water just like millions of people before you.

Sights to Sightsee

But what else should you see? What are the top must see sights and attractions that should be on your sightseeing list. You surely can’t spend your entire time gawping at the icons of Sydney Harbour….how about a trip to the beach?

Rush Hour at the Beach

If Bondi Beach looks like the sort of place your body would like to be then make sure you add it to your list as it’s even better being there. If you want to visit just one beach in Australia then the one beach to visit would be Bondi Beach – the People’s beach. Bondi is arguably the Sydney beach you have to see and it is certainly the most popular. There are few sights that compare with the golden sand and the turquoise water of the most famous beach in Australia.

Bondi is also the closest beach to the city centre. It is little more than 8 kilometres away. You can catch the train to Bondi Junction and then a bus down towards the beach. For many of the people who come to Sydney, Bondi is the first and most memorable encounter with Sydney beach life.

Walk from to Coogee

Bondi possess a riches of interesting boutique stores especially on Hall Street and Campbell Parade and there’s no shortage of great eating spots. Browse the area for distinctly Australian products, including a large selection of surf wear, before relaxing over lunch in a bustling café. If you feel energetic then don’t miss the beautiful coastal walk to Coogee.

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