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Sydney’s Top 100 Things To Do

Sitemap and Links

Sydney’s Top 100 Things To Do is a listing of the best things to do, and top places to visit, in and around Sydney. The content is split numerically and by geographical area. The descriptions are not always the same just to make it a little more interesting!

Must-do and see

Most of the major and key pages of content on Sydney100 can be reached by just following the links above and below.

Two ways to navigate the top 100 pages

The actual list of top things to do in Sydney are also linked together. In other words, there are two ways of navigating through the list. Firstly, from one page to the next page and back again (we link backwards as well) and from the menus at the top and foot of each page.

No, I can’t count, there is a third way of doing this

You can also navigate the site by starting clicking for the number one thing to do.

Before you go, can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a clue. It is not the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, the climbable version or otherwise.


The Top Menu provides links to Sydney100’s more dynamic pages that change more frequently. The Menus also contains travel information such as the big bad nasties of snakes, spiders and sharks and what to do if you meet one.

What’s on and Events

Sydney events and what’s on pages reside within the Top Menu . These web pages are usually updated at least once a week. They cater for all manner of events including plays, visual art, exhibitions, music, stage performances etc, etc. If you know of an event that we should include please let us know. Being the top things to do in Sydney, we don’t publish everything but will consider most events that look fun and/or entertaining.

Festivals and Holidays

Alongside, or close to the event links, you should find links to any big festivals that might be on e.g. Vivid Festival, Sydney Festival etc. We also provide information for School Holidays, including when they are! You will find this information under the imaginative title of “School Hols”.

Free, Smart and Best

Underneath all the events, festivals and holidays [sounds good doesn’t it ..] we have the freebies and the ‘save me the money’ pages among others.

More Things To Do and Information

We have all sorts of things to do when it rains, general info and travel tips, get the picture hopefully, a sort of link free-for-all.

Travel Information

There are pages buried further down that support other pages. For example, we have links pages to official sources of information which you may find helpful along with more information relating to the top 100.





We do accept a limited amount of advertising. As a principle, if an advertiser wants to give us money for something that might help visitors to Sydney100 then we will consider taking it.

What to do

What to do in Sydney looks a things to do from a slightly different prospective pulling together pages from the web site you might have missed.

What to do



This is the first Newsletter. To send you a weekly Newsletter we just need a name and an email address.

Special Event Pages

We sort of alluded to these earlier. We list them up in the news column when they they come around on the calendar. We try to get them ready in plenty of time but we don’t always succeed. Must try harder [slap on wrist – ouch!]

Fathers Day – not socks again! If must be socks not the joke ones please!

Mothers Day – don’t forget this one or you will be in trouble

Summer School Holidays – yes, the scary six week break 🙂

More Summer Holiday Things To Do – well, six weeks is a long time

Valentines Day

Harbour Cruises – what is it doing here? Cruising the Harbour is always a special event.

Sydney Mardi Gras – Don’t knock it unless you have tried it, going to see Mardi Gras that is.

Christmas in July

Skiing in Australia

Christmas in Sydney

What’s Open Christmas Day

Public Holidays – When are they and holiday things to do

All up we get nine public holidays a year. You get ten is you work for a bank. 5 of these days are gone before you get to the end of April. No wonder winter seems to last forever. Below is a link which will give you the dates and ideas for things to do. Happy Holidays.

Public Holidays in NSW


Sydney Festival

Film Festival

Jazz and Blues Festival

Hoopla Festival

Vivid Festival



What to do close by

Car Hire

Car Hire
Car Hire from/to Sydney Airport

How do things get listed?

If I may, I’ll just refer you to the FAQ.

Top 100 Club and other Links

Don’t go to Sydney

Top 100 Club – Things To Do


The Archive

Things to do before you leave

Sydney Search

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Links and tours

The links below are provided at the users own risk. We provide no assurances as to their accuracy or reliability and accept no responsibility for any loss incurred. Enjoy..

Troll Trike Tours

Feel the freedom of a trike tour with a friendly Troll. It might be the most fun thing you have ever done. They will take you everywhere you ever wanted to Troll.

Other links

Thomas Tank Engine (temporarily closed)

Major Attractions

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