Summer School Holidays Things to do in Sydney

Things to do in Sydney in Summer School Holidays

What to do over the long Summer Holidays with the kids?

Summer School Holiday Activities

This is the second page of things to do in Sydney in Summer School Holidays. The first page is linked here and at the foot of this page.

Sydney Zoos and Parks

Most children enjoy a trip to see the animals. Most would like to play in a park with bells and water play. A ride on a cable car might be little scary for some but thrilling for most. Taronga Zoo has all this and more. Children up to 4 years old get in for free. Follow the link below for more information.

Taronga Zoo


The Australian Reptile Park

A potentially more economical option, and arguable more family friendly zoo, can be found just an hour or so north of Sydney. You will also discover that the Australian Reptile Park has a misleading name as you there are lots of non-reptilian critters to see. Follow the link below for more information.

Australian Reptile Park


Zoos and Parks in Sydney

There are four other zoos and parks in Sydney. Each zoo has its own appeal. The Sydney Wildlife at Darling Harbour is most recent to open their doors and is the most modern. The Koala Park in Sydney’s North West is again another zoo with a misleading name as it is not just about Koalas. The Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh is near the Royal National Park so you can easily visit both. Finally the Featherdale Zoo is a popular stop on the way to the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Sydney

The Blue Mountains near Sydney

The Blue Mountain has some great parks to play in, the Hazelbrook Toy Museum to enjoy, Wentworth Lake for ‘Pirate Ship’, Luera Sweet Shop, Scenic Railway with its famous steep descent, Skyway Cable Car and the Zig Zag Railway to name just a few of the family friendly things to do. Whilst you are rushing around trying to keep the kids happy you might also appreciate some of the great scenery.

More on the Blue Mountains


The Royal Botanic Gardens

On most days the Royal Botanic Gardens run a free one and half hour guided tour from 10.30 am for individuals and small family groups. Follow the link below for more details:

Royal Botanic Gardens


Cockatoo Island

Catch your island ferry from Circular Quay (each half hour) for a voyage into Australia’s past and, if you are daring enough, try staying out of jail with “Convict Clues”. Follow the link below for more information and enquire about the free booklet (and map) from the Station Visitor Centre.

Cockatoo Island


Take the kids to a National Park!

What if you took the kids to a National Park?

“Mum! I hate bushwalking!”

Yes, but there’s a lot more to do than that. You can ride your bike (or maybe hire) and a have real adventure, go swimming, snorkelling or maybe a spot of kayaking. Alternatively just go for a picnic or BBQ, take a ball and find a little beach to explore. You don’t have to go bushwalking just because you are in National Park but you may find you do it anyway once you are there, just don’t tell the kids. 🙂

Which National Park to visit?

There are 9 National Parks in and around Sydney! So perhaps the best answer to ‘which National Park to visit’ is to just to go to the nearest one. They vary of course in attractions and facilities so you might want to consider perhaps the nearest 3 or 4 and pick the one that sounds most appealing. Follow the link below to the National Parks and Wildlife Service website and discover more about what our beautiful National Parks have to offer.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


Go Swimming

Willoughby Leisure Centre

If you looking for a cheap option there’s always your local swimming pool. My favourite would be Willoughby Leisure Centre as they have a nice hot spa, coffee and cake. Their pool has a water slide and at certain times of the day, they have the huge inflatable for the older children to tackle.

Willoughby Leisure Centre


Greenwich Baths

Greenwich Baths (Albert Street, Greenwich) is also a good choice for families with youngsters. You get free use of beach toys, banana lounges and lifeguard. If you take your snorkel you might catch a glimpse of a seahorse attached to the safety net.

Greenwich Baths


More top things to do

For more things to do with kids over the School Holidays go through the top 100 things to do pages. Also don’t forget that the Sydney Festival gets underway in January.

Holiday Activities

You could also try your local council’s website for any holiday activities; check your local library notice board, RSL and other club websites.

Escape Sydney

Alternatively, if you want to make a run for it there are options north, west and south of Australia’s most loved city.

Escape Sydney

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