What’s on at the Sydney Festival

What’s on at the Sydney Festival

The Sydney Festival starts on 6th January and ends on 28th January 2018

You might think that after all the Sydney New Year’s celebrations and world-famous fireworks that things might calm down a little bit in Sydney. Well you’d be right they do, but not for long. The Sydney Festival takes a hold on 6th January and doesn’t let go until the end of the Australia Day long weekend on the 28th January.

The most popular cultural festival in Australia

The festival draws in around a million people from far and wide making it the most popular cultural festival in Australia. Seven hundred top Australian and International artists will dazzle and mesmerise you with an array of world class performances in dance, theatre and music.

Nice to be Free

Of the 140 or so events to be staged, played or otherwise performed many are at little or no cost.

Jurassic Plastic and a Fishy Tale

Following on from last year’s popular “Beach” (a pit at Barangaroo filled with more than a million plastic balls) stomps Jurassic Plastic, an enormous plastic dinosaur sculpted from unloved and unwanted toys – A Toy Story inspired monster of a work. Along with the dino there are fish. Lots of fish. Four thousand in fact. Not ordinary fish mind you. Not even plastic. These are ICE fish. Fishy slippy and historic. It’s also quite “hands on” apparently which should be interesting. This piece of work takes us back to a time when the first Sydneysiders netted 4,000 fish in a single day out of the harbour. Too much, too soon, no more fish left.


If you love water and love music then you can’t miss AquaSonic. Arguably the greatest submerged performance ever to take place on these shores… 🙂 All the way from Denmark AquaSonic sounds like 5 musicians playing a concert underwater – because that’s what they do. Not sure why really, maybe because they can. Has to be seen.

Tree of Codes Ballet

If this sounds familiar it might be because this contemporary ballet was performed at the Melbourne Festival. Whilst it didn’t bring the house down or change the course of human history it’s worth seeing if you like ballet.

Circus Oz is back!!

Circus Oz has been around the globe a few times but is back home now to celebrate its 40th birthday next year. “It’s exciting, it’s acrobatic, it’s topical, it’s funny, it’s great for the family and it’s got lots of spectacular acrobatics as well.”

Cultural Speed Dating

The idea of Cultural Speed Dating is try something for 10 minutes and if it’s not for you move on. Step out of the comfort of your zone and into something which you don’t or wouldn’t normally do. An obvious one might be Karaoke. Too easy? How about riding a unicorn whilst you sing out “I will survive!” It’s just 10 minutes. Could be the best 10 of your day/week/year/life. Take a little chance. Among the other activities are the dance party with a difference and (virtually) get on-board a ghost train. “You get to experience something you wouldn’t have experienced before. It’s a low-risk and low cost.”

Barber Shop Chronicles

The play Barber Shop Chronicles is much loved by the critics. It cuts to the chase with a short back and sides look at African Culture.

Randy Rainbow

YouTube and Donald Trump have both loomed large over us in recent times so hardly surprising perhaps that someone might call themselves Randy Rainbow, establish a following on YouTube and get invited to the Sydney Festival courtesy of his Trump inspired songs and commentary. It’s our times.

Symphony under the Stars

Symphony under the Stars returns to Parramatta. This iconic event takes place at Parramatta Park, an easy walking distance from ferry and train.

Get with the Program

The full festival program has been released. Follow the link below for the details:

Sydney Festival 2018

Free and Top things to do

There are a myriad of things to do in and around Sydney which are not part of the program:

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