What’s on at the Sydney Festival

What’s on at the Sydney Festival

The Sydney Festival starts on 9th January and ends on 27th January 2019

You might think that after all the Sydney New Year’s celebrations and world-famous fireworks that things might calm down a little bit in Sydney. Well you’d be right they do, but not for long. The Sydney Festival takes a hold on 6th January and doesn’t let go until the end of the Australia Day long weekend on the 28th January.

The most popular cultural festival in Australia

The festival draws in around a million people from far and wide making it the most popular cultural festival in Australia. Several hundred top Australian and International artists will dazzle and mesmerise you with an array of world-class performances in dance, theatre and music.

Nice to be Free

Of the other hundred or so events to be staged, played or otherwise performed many are at little or no cost.

World without Us – 9th to 14th January

Could you imagine a world where there is no us. No people messing up the place. How long before it is like we were never here. What of our pets, our art, our everything? The very talented artist ‘Goed’ takes us on a journey away from ourselves.

Pussy Riot – 27th to 28th January

Proving perhaps that Putin is not as powerful as we fear Pussy Riot are on tour! This band, as you may recall, took issue with their countries leader but have lived to tell the tale. Pussy Riot members tell their story aided by music and theatre. No cowering here as Pussy Riot do their stuff.

Village Sideshow – Part of the Festival Village

New this year is the Village Sideshow, a fun park with the essence on fun attractions some of which you may never have seen before. Catch the train that is virtually real, go nuts in the glitter booth and sing your favourites on the Karaoke Carousel. This is first grade fun time! You must try the 10 minute dance party like no one’s watching and turn yourself into a mess with a grin from ear to ear.

Beware of Pity

This stage powerful production of Stefan Zweig’s 1939 novel is for those with appreciation of masterful stage craft. Seven actors from Berlin’s Schaubühne tell of a tragic love story laced with passion, fear and sadness. The performance is in German but there will be subtitles. This could be a real highlight of the festival.

Symphony under the Stars

Symphony under the Stars returns to Parramatta. This iconic event takes place at Parramatta Park, an easy walking distance from ferry and train.

Get with the Program

The full festival program has been released. Follow the link below for the details:

Sydney Festival 2019

Free and Top things to do

There are a myriad of things to do in and around Sydney which are not part of the program:

Top Things to do in Sydney Where to Stay in Sydney

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