Things to do in Sydney in January

Things to do in Sydney in January

January events leading up to the Australia Day and beyond

There are many things to do in Sydney in January including the Sydney Festival and Australia Day celebrations. We also have things to do over the Summer School Holidays offering many different ways to enjoy the Summer in Sydney.

New Year’s Eve

We wouldn’t be able to sleep till next year if we didn’t have a list of ideas on how to celebrate: 🙂

New Year’s Eve

Open Air Cinema – Royal Botanic Gardens

open air cinema sydney

When the tickets go on sale for the Open Air Cinema they go fast. This is one of the best things you can do in Sydney and consequently it is extremely popular. Pick out the movies you want to see and get those tickets before they are all sold. Good luck and savour the experience.

Open Air Cinema – Listed at No. 7

American Express Open Air Cinema – Bondi

The American Express Open Air Cinema will fill the Bondi air with music and film as the waves roll onto one of the world’s most famous beaches. The music commences proceedings and movies play out in the cool evening air. It’s kind of magical. There will be food, drink and Bondi’s nightlife to end the perfect day.

Open-air Cinemas’ 

Kids in the Park – Sydney Olympic Park, Summer School Holidays

This is one for the kids or to keep the kids busy while you check out the other great things happening in Sydney. Kids in the Park provides a huge range of school holiday activities, lots of which are free. There are activities for creative kids, sporty kids and adventurous kids, including cookies and craft, archery, AFL (Aussie Rules Football), gymnastics, a flying trapeze and science experiments. Click on the link below for more and other school holiday activities in Sydney.

Summer School Holidays

Flickerfest – Bondi – 10th January to 19th January

You are likely to find a visit to the Sydney Flickerfest a highly rewarding experience with awards being given for the best Australian, International Short Film and Best Animation Short Flick. The films are really good too. 🙂


ATP Cup – Ken Rosewall Arena, Sydney Olympic Park – 3rd January to 12th January

How about a spot of tennis? The ATP Cup includes superstars of today and tomorrow all battling it out for the championship. Tickets were still available at the time of writing.


Summerama – Pittwater to Sutherland

Summerama is a wonderful program sponsored by Sydney councils up and down the coast. The program consists of various activities from sea kayaking to adventure boat tours to sustainable arts and crafts workshops for kids.


Happy Australia Day! – Sunday, 26th January

Ferrython Sydney

There is a big juicy Australia Day long weekend to celebrate Australia’s National Day and there’s a lot to be done:

Lots to do on Australia Day

There’s the barbie, the snag, the beer and the cricket. There’s the drive, the beach, the surf and the who forgot the bottle opener? There’s the kids, the parents, the oldies, the flags and the face painting. We could go on but I know you wish we wouldn’t. 🙂

Australia Day Events

Suffice to say that there’s lots to do but don’t forget all clubs, organisers, media, government officials and politicians who need you to attend all the official events. How silly are they going to feel if no one shows up? So do your patriotic duty and go to an official Australia Day celebration and yell out ‘Happy Australia Day Sydney100!’ as loud as you can into the nearest microphone – we would love hear from you. 🙂

Sydney on Australia Day

Aboriginal Heritage Tour – Royal Botanic Garden

You might think you have to travel out to the bush to gain an understanding of Aboriginal heritage. As usual Sydney has it all. Enjoy the beautiful land of the Cadigal people, now the site of the magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens. With your Aboriginal guide by your side you will learn all about the ‘first frontier’ between Aboriginal and European culture. Along with the history discover riches contained within the parks trees and plants providing sustenance, shelter and medical aid to those who know how.

Aboriginal Heritage Tour

The Sydney Festival – the last days

The Sydney Festival ends on Australia Day. There will be tears, there will be sorrow but you can’t party forever(?)

The Sydney Festival

Things to do over the School Holidays

As the holidays stretch on you may need a few ideas on what to do. 

School Holidays

Things to do in February

Top Things to do in Sydney

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