Things to do in Sydney in June

Things to do in Sydney in June

June Events

Manly Scenic Fun Run – Sunday, 3rd June 2018

Manly is a scenic place to be, one of Sydney’s most beautiful places to be, so if you must dash, why not dash where there is much to see along the way.

Manly Scenic Fun Run

Things to do on the Northern Beaches

North Head Manly SydneyYou should use any excuse you can to visit this gorgeous part of Sydney.

Things to do on Northern Beaches

Sydney Film Festival – Wednesday, 7th June to Saturday, 17th June

The Sydney Film Festival offers a vast range of quality movies to choose from. If you think you might see a few movies consider buying a FlexiPass. If you are unsure of what movie(s) to see visit the Sydney Film Festival’s website for ideas, information and entertainment. Follow the link below for our ‘take’ on it all.

Sydney Film Festival


Queen’s Birthday – June Long Weekend

One of the nice things about the start of winter is we get a long weekend to get used to the idea:

Things to do over the June Long Weekend


Go Skiing!

Skiing in Australia

The long weekend also marks the official start of the Ski Season. The link below includes a video of what it is like to ski in this country (it’s pretty good but don’t tell anybody 🙂 ):

Skiing in Australia


 Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair – 24th June

The Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair is really for those who take their drink very seriously. The fair will give you the chance to taste quality brew and talk to the people who produce it. You get four hours to fully appreciate the finest in the land. As all beer lovers know, “the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” 🙂

Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair


Professional Bull Riders – Qudos Bank Arena – Saturday, June 9th – Sunday, 10th June

This no rodeo, this is three hours of snorting, charging, bucking bulls. Cowboys against the Bulls. A contest between man and beast. Pain for gain. I can see this could be hard to watch. Gripping yet scary. The spectacle is enhanced with pyrotechnics, lasers and televised replays. Not everyone’s cup of tea perhaps but it certainly won’t be dull.

Professional Bull Riders


Goat Island Heritage Tour

Tours are scheduled to run periodically from 10.20am to 12.50pm. Follow the link below for more details:

Tour of Goat Island


True Grit Military Inspired Obstacle Challenge – Hawkesbury – Sunday, 11th June to Monday, 12th June

True Grit is an obstacle course built by the Australian Special Forces. Still reading? You’re brave!  Be quick, there may be a few brave souls ahead of you.

True Grit Military Inspired Obstacle Challenge


Bare Island

The Bare Island was the site of a state of the art military defence complex when it was built in the late 1800s. Sydney was a very different place back then. The fledgling European population believed that Sydney needed to be able to defend herself from potential foe. Follow the link below to find out more including a map:

Bare Island (Ranked No. 88)


Ice Rink at Bondi

With the onset of a little winter chill you’ll be able to go ice skating on the world famous Bondi Beach. Whale spotting on skates perhaps? That’s just one of the pluses of having an ice rink by the sea.

Ice Rink at Bondi


Winter Magic Festival – Katoomba – June 2019

Sadly there will be no Winter Magic in Katoomba this year but next it will back next year no doubt bigger, better and more magical than ever.

Winter Magic Festival Blue Mountains

There is one thing to know about Katoomba in June, it isn’t warm so rug up. Katoomba’s Winter Festival magically banishes traffic from its main street and replaces it with an army of artists, musicians, dancers, drummers and choirs. The Winter Magic Grand Parade is worth seeing and there will be plenty of market stalls and people to look at, as everybody is encouraged to dress in costume. Make it a warm one.

Winter Magic Festival


Australia vs Ireland – International Rugby – June

Can the Wallabies overcome the skillful Irish? One for the lovers of Rugby and a hard fought contest.

Australia vs Ireland


Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair – Wednesday, 20th June to Sunday, 24th June

The Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair will have you in stitches! 🙂 The fair is tuned towards those with a thirst for knowledge along with seasoned creatives in search of new ideas and inspiration. If you can’t see yourself stamping, scrap booking, knitting, crocheting, card making, embroidering, sewing, quilting, or jewellery-making from here, then you’ll never make it anywhere. It’s up to you, at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair. 🙂

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

More things to do in June

Continue having fun in June and enjoy a few of the Top 100 Things to do in Sydney.

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July Events and Festivals

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