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(Update courtesy of Wild Life Sydney , check accuracy against their website and let us know what you think)

Wild Life Sydney is now preparing for its largest habitat expansion ever! From September 26, the enormous outback habitat, Semi-Arid Grasslands, and bird aviary, Flight Canyon, will open as an interactive walk-through experience. Visitors will be able walk amongst the wallabies and wander around a waterfall in the two storey bird aviary.

Also just opened is an interactive Butterfly Habitat walk through, where visitor can enter the tropical rainforest habitat of these amazing creatures. If you’re lucky, one may just land on you!


Opening hours: 9am to 10pm every day of the year
Average Visit Time: 1.5 hours +
Location: Next to Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour
Animals: Over 100 all-Australian species
Exhibit space: 7,000m² of exhibit area, 1km of enclosed walkways across 3 levels
Exhibit Areas: Featuring nine different habitats and their animals from all over Australia


Flutterbys Interactive Walk-through Butterfly Habitat, Tropical Rainforest Oasis.


Spineless Wonders Series of creepy crawlies exhibits, including Spiders, Ants and an Interactive Touch & Learn centre.

Reptiles – Scales & Tails

Home to Australia’s snakes, dragons, lizards, goannas, skinks and more.

Flight Canyon

Walking on Air Two-storey forest habitat modelled off Carnarvon Gorge, housing 80 of Australia’s colourful, intriguing and noisy birds.


After Dark Night animals including the endangered Bilby, Long-nosed potoroos, Spotted-tailed Quolls, possums, dunnarts. Rooftop Encounters Koala photos and interaction, get up close and personal to a Koala.

Semi-Arid Grasslands

Red Heart Largest habitat modelled off the centre of Australia and its red earth, home to our Agile and Tammar Wallabies


Lush Canopy Home to our Cassowary and Red legged Pademelons and modelled off the Rainforest of the Northern Queensland Daintree.

Wallaby Cliffs

High & Dry Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies and Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat home in the habitat modelled of the Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

Koala Sanctuary

Gum Tree Gully Temperate coastal forests home to our Koalas.

Daily Animal Feeds, Demonstrations, Roaming Keepers with live animals to pat and much more!

Interactive walk-through experience

Wild Life has now opened its largest habitat expansion ever! From today, Wild Life Sydney’s enormous outback habitat, Semi-Arid Grasslands, and bird aviary, Flight Canyon, are open as an interactive walk-through experience for visitors.

Semi-Arid Grasslands is the largest habitat at Wild Life, stretching over 50 metres long and holding an amazing 200 tonnes of red earth from Central Australia! The authentically created habitat is home to 13 Agile wallabies, 5 Tamar wallabies and 35 plants and trees, including 100 year old rare bottle trees.

The spectacular two storey Flight Canyon has more than 100 colourful birds from around Australia, 50 plants and trees (including seven trees that stand over 10 metres high) and a nine metre cascading waterfall.

Both Semi-Arid Grasslands and Flight Canyon are open-air habitats, giving the animals access to natural weather conditions whilst protected by a mesh roof.

Visitors can now walk into the red earth world of Semi-Arid Grasslands and come face-to-face with its furry wallaby inhabitants. They will then enter the adjacent Flight Canyon and walk through the rainforest canopy on a bridge that scoops around the habitat’s picturesque waterfall.

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