Sydney Visitor Information

Sydney Visitor Information

Top 100 Things to do in Sydney

This page provides more information about the top 100 of Sydney’s great and special things to do – use it wisely 🙂

We should really be calling this page more information on the top 81 to 100 things to do in Sydney but it’s hardly a memorable title, so welcome to the Sydney Visitor Information page. The real problem is we can’t put all top 100 things to do on one page as it would go on forever and be hard to get around. So here we are, so lets get on with it.

What’s on the Top 100?

We have got some fantastic habourside reserves for you to enjoy with their wonderful Harbour views. We also have a laugh with the Comedy Festival. We throw in a ‘Hidden Treasure’ which we cover in more detail in the Sydney100 Travel Guide. Added to that are a few museums, a bit of cycling, a great park, markets, markets and more markets and a Sydney (iconic now really) piano bar where you can sing your heart out. All these magical ingredients go to make up one fine and unique Australian masterpiece we call Sydney.

Top 90

The bulk of travel and visitor information is contained on the Top 90 page aka “linked above” as referred to below. If that’s the page you have just come from, hi, the link(s) you seek should be below here somewhere.

81 Balls Head – Also refer to Sydney’s Top 90 things to do (linked above) for things to do during your visit to Balls Head. You should also find a map.

82 Sydney Comedy Festival

The Sydney Comedy Festival usually runs during April and May. The Karaoke Bus runs for most of the year.

83 Palm Beach Ferry   and Pearl Beach   and Trip Planner – Type in “Ettalong Wharf” and “Pearl Beach”.

If you catch the ferry to Ettalong, and particularly if you end up waiting for a bus, you are allowed to say “It’ll be Ettalong in a minute” once. It gets annoying if you say it too often. Once even (sorry) 🙂

84 The Australian Museum   The Australian Museum is Australia’s oldest. It’s focus is on anthropology and national history.

85 Cycling – And also see Top 90 page (linked above).

86 National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour   The Maritime Museum is popular with visitors and locals alike, you’ll find the museum at the end of Pyrmont Bridge on the Darling Harbour side, or Harbourside.

87 Map of La Perouse

88 Bare Island is open to the public on Sundays but only if you join a guided tour. You can, however, arrange a group booking during the week. See Top 90 page (linked above) for more information.

89 Ballast Point Park – Walama   A great new park in Balmain.

90 Centennial Park   There is much to do, or not, as is your preference, at Centennial Park.

So much to do and see, so little time to do it all in

It is true, there is an awful lot to do and unless you are very lucky, you won’t have enough time to do it all. This is why we are here. That said, I’m afraid I’m going to add to your ‘burden’. Apart from having all these wonderful things to do, Sydney also has some great festivals and other exciting events to consider (see menu above). Now before you give up and book yourself on a AAT Kings Tour Bus (not that there is anything wrong with that) may I suggest that just decide what you want to do from the list of the top 100 plus first, and then just have a quick check of the events pages, just in case. You could also just sign up to the Newsletter and just read the short emails as they arrive in your inbox.

Top 100

Any gaps in the rankings means that we don’t have a link as yet. You can still find commentary by using the navigation bar on your left. Where there is no number next to the link the ranking is the same as the number above.

92 Parsley Bay – Vaucluse

94 Golf

95 St Mary’s Cathedral

96 Clovelly Hotel

98 Market Links:   Paddy’s Market |  The Rocks Markets | Fish Market |  Paddington Market | Birkenhead Point |  Market Guide

99 Minskys

100 Harbour View Hotel – Great views of the bridge and nice food.

Top 100

Whatever you do, wherever you go, please don’t because it has been fun having you around and if you weren’t here it would be like I was talking to myself which is a worry. So, please bookmark, ideally the home page so you don’t lose us. You could also buy the TOP100 Travel Guide and all of your troubles, worries and concerns will be over. Well, maybe not but you should get something out of it.


We picked Sydney100 as a name on the mistaken belief that we’d struggle to find more than a hundred things to do. You only have to glance at the menu on your left to see how wrong we were. We will chop and change things around from time to time so if there’s anything of interest I’d suggest you make a note of it in case you find its not where you left it upon your return.

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