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Tour the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney Film Festival [SFF] and much more

Sydney’s Great Events and Attractions

Tour the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and grow to love the Sydney Film Festival. Revel in the internationally acclaimed Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. So much to do:

Top 110 Things To Do
101 – S.C.G. Tours – Tour the S.C.G. dressing rooms, view the walk of honour and much more. The tour caters for cricket fans of all ages.

102 – Port Stephens

103 – The Sydney Film Festival [SFF]
The SFF just seems to get bigger and better every year. The Sydney Film Festival traditionally starts in June with the program being released a few weeks before the official start date. If you sign up to Top 100 Newsletter we will endeavour to let you know when it is out.

104 – Orpheum Cinema in Cremorne

The Orpheum is one of the best cinemas in Sydney.

105 – Click for the MCA web site:

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Circular Quay which gives them a huge advantage over other museums in Australia as it is almost impossible to visit Sydney and not look at the building. Just to be sure, the MCA will often attach a banner over part of the building’s facade advertising their latest exhibition.

106 – Customs House

Customs House is also located in Circular Quay but further away from the water behind the train station.

107 – Sydney’s humble beginnings

You may, or may not, be all that interested in history but Sydney does have a story to tell and it is interesting how much the place has changed in a historically short time span.

108 – Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is arguable Australia’s largest festival and hard to miss.

109 – Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Paddington Reservoir Gardens is an interesting newish addition to the great places to go to in Sydney.

110 – Click for pictures and more info on the ANZAC Bridge

The ANZAC Bridge is a very photogenic and well worth seeing. It is interesting that the ANZAC Bridge is increasingly being accepted as a significant attraction and not just a means of getting into the city.

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Top 120 Things To Do

111 – Best High Tea

112 – Macquarie Street

113 – Steam Trains

114 – Sydney Observatory Website

Star City

Sydney gives us the sky at night as seen through the oldest large telescope in Australia along with Sydney’s own Star (that’s the old Star City Casino) and the Starlight Open Air Cinema that runs for longer than almost any other open air cinema in the city.

115 – Sydney Theatre Company

116 – Chinaman’s Beach

117 – Circular Quay

118 – Sunset Cinema 

119 – Kirribilli House

120 – The Star (Star City Casino) near Darling Harbour

What’s on?

There is always something on in Sydney. The question is whether it is worth going to or not. You can get an independent view from the Top 100 Newsletter. We send out an email each week or so with our view of the top events worth going to.

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