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Top 130 – What to do in Sydney?

Visit Sir Joseph Banks Park

121 Sir Joseph Banks Park

Sir Joseph Banks Park attracts people and wildlife from far and wide. Dotted around the park are life sized animal sculptures, a great path that leads its way through the park, attractive lakes and views of Botany Bay.


The park also has a maze which can be a lot of fun, pergolas and some lovely gardens and formal terraces. Added to this, Sydney Airport is close by providing a ringside seat on the ups and downs of modern passenger jet aircraft.

Sir Joseph Banks Park


122 –  1801 Fort – Middle Harbour

The 1801 fort was once lost to Sydney but has been recently reclaimed from the bush. The fort is another military installation built to defend Sydney from invaders that never came. This time is was the French. To access this intriguing historic sandstone fort you will need to get to Middle Head, there is car parking available. For more information please follow the link below.

1801 Fort Middle Harbour


123 Hunters Hill and Woolwich

Drive or bus through Hunters Hill towards Woolwich and admire the buildings along the way. Just how do you get that rich? Head towards Woolwich Dock and then across to Clarke’s Point, one of the more extensive grassy slopes on Sydney Harbour, taking in the view. A walk up to Kelly’s Bush Reserve is also worthwhile.

Woolwich Dock

Hunters Hill / Woolwich is a relatively tourist free area currently under redevelopment so forgive any fences that may remain and the decay of Woolwich Dock.

Hunters Hill


124 Cook and Phillip Park Swimming Complex

Hidden beneath Hyde Park southern section towards Oxford Street in Sydney’s heartland is the Cook and Phillip Swimming Complex. Cook and Phillip Park is a modern and interesting (the art work) swimming complex complete with a fitness area. If you are staying in the middle of town or work there an early morning dip beckons.

Cook and Phillip Park link


125 (89) Top Gun Flights

Top Gun Flights for the experience of a life time – just how many of those would you like?

Flying-Jet-Fighter-Aircraft Top Gun Flights

Jet Flights


126 Newtown

Visit Newtown for an alternative view of Sydney. It also has an endless supply of cafes and restaurants and few interesting shops. A visit to Newtown is greatly enhanced if there is a festival on nearby (you’ll find the Events and Festivals Menu at the top of this page).

Newtown Links


127 Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

The QVB is a lovely old building converted into a multilevel shopping mall. The QVB also functions as part of a well-travelled pedestrian thoroughfare between Town Hall Train Station on the south side of George Street to the heart of Pitt Street Mall. On your way have a look at the clock on the top floor of the QVB particularly on the hour.

The Strand Arcade

It has been suggested we add the Strand Arcade to the list:

I would like to see the Strand Arcade added to your 100 things to do in Sydney. It isn’t as large as the QVB, but has a much more interesting array of Australian designers, and the building itself is charming. An excellent tour is run on some Saturday mornings (I’m not sure of details, but it is probably on the Strand Arcade website).

Thanks Victoria, if you have any suggestions or comments please let us know.

The Nut Shop and Strand Hatters

The Strand Arcade runs between Pitt Street Mall and George Street. Shops include The Nut Shop, Elie’s leather Repair and Strand Hatters.

Strand Arcade


128 Sydney Town Hall

Sydney Town Hall is well worth a quick look if you are close by as much public money has been spent sprucing it up. Highlights include the stunning concert hall and a very large and grand pipe organ. Guided tours are available if you want to see it and it’s not being used.

Town Hall


129 Marble Bar – Hilton Hotel

An attractive bar is the Marble Bar. Bands cater for an ‘older’ clientele. The Marble Bar is situated in the bowels of the Hilton Hotel in Pitt Street in the city.

Marble Bar


130 (121) EQ – Entertainment Quarter / Fox Studios – Moore Park

Get yourself a cold drink at the Fox and Lion near the Hordern Pavilion at the Entertainment Quarter and try to work out who and what is going on the other side of the plaza.

Sydney Cricket Ground

EQ and Fox Studios are fairly glitzy and superficial so the kids will probably love it. One attraction that looks like fun is the cross between trampolining and bungee – seems to be for aimed at kids but don’t let that stop you. Close to the Football Stadium and Sydney Cricket Ground so it’s a good place to go before/after a match/tour.

Link to Fox Studios Web site

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