Entertainment and Travel in Sydney

Entertainment and Travel in Sydney

The Rocks Discovery Museum, Q Station at North Head and the top things to do in Canberra!

The links below lead to more information on entertainment and travel in Sydney. This includes Q Station at North Head. This used to be the old Quarantine Station. We go on a bit about it on the top 150 things to do along with everything else mentioned below.

New Arrivals

If this is the first time you visited (Hi, Welcome!), you might be better off starting from the beginning. Either use the menu on your left that links from the top 5 to the top 150 or, alternatively, go straight to the Home Page.

The Rocks Discovery Museum and more

Entertainment and Travel in Sydney includes the Rocks Discovery Museum. We have also listed the NSW Observatory Hill Park, Tali Gallery, Resolute Beach, the Justice and Police Museum on Circular Quay, the Chinese Night Markets in Chinatown, the Great River Walk in Penrith, the Sculpture Garden in Campbelltown, Western Sydney’s Parklands and Freres Crossing Bushwalk, the TreeTop Adventure Park on the Central Coast, the White Rabbit Gallery near Central Train Station, Whitewater Rafting in Penrith, the Garden Games in Kings Cross, Brighton le Sands near Botany Bay plus things to do in Canberra.

Why things to in Canberra!

I know, not exactly Sydney is it but you can day trip it, it is a good option if the weather isn’t great and it is Australia’s capital. Yes, maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is and whether you live here, or are just visiting, it is there and we probably should go every now and then. Look at it this way, if nobody visited, they would get sad and lonely.

Further Information

Further information, advice, tips and independent commentary is contained on the top 150. There is also a navigation bar located somewhere up there on your left.

141 Q Station , North Head

142 Observatory Hill Park

143 Tali Gallery

144 Resolute Beach

145 Justice and Police Museum

146 Tambourine Bay Pool – Lane Cove

147 Chinese Markets

148 The Great River Walk – Penrith

149 Sculpture Garden – Campbelltown

150 Western Parklands

151 Freres Crossing

152 The Rocks Discovery Museum

153 TreeTop Adventure Park

155 White Rabbit Gallery

156 Whitewater Rafting in Penrith

157 Garden Games – Kings Cross

158 Brighton le Sands – Botany Bay

159 Things to do in Canberra

160 Commonwealth Bank, Martin Place

161 Immigration – Department of

Commonwealth Bank and Department of Immigration!

The Commonwealth Bank in Martin Place is really very attractive inside and probably should be used for something other than as a bank. As for the Department of Immigration, it is a little bit of a joke but I meet so many people who have visited Sydney, fall in love with the place, and want to stay. We locals don’t know how lucky we are.


Don’t be dissuaded by the relatively low ranking of some of the attractions. There are many attractions that don’t even make the list. As there is so much to do and so little time to do it all, it is surely the best things that you should focus on. For many people it is a long way to come, ensure you make the most of your time here.

Recently Listed

In addition, an attraction or a top thing to do, maybe a distance from Sydney or recently listed. One or two may have had some negative feedback from one of our readers so if you think it should be higher up the list please let us know.

What else is there to do?

The next top thing(s) to do in Sydney will be listed later in the year. However, the Top 100 Travel Guide has more content than the web site, so you can pick up more ideas from the book. It also contains more information, tips and money saving ideas as well as itineraries and all kinds of good stuff. A steal at $9-95.

Arts and Entertainment

Australia’s largest city plays host to number of major international festivals including the Film Festival, Vivid and the very popular Sydney Festival. You can can find links to all these and much more via the Site Map and the menus at the top and foot of this page.

TOP 100

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