Top 30 Things to do – Sydney Parks & Wildlife

Top 30 Things to do – Sydney Parks & Wildlife

Sydney Parks & Wildlife

The top 30 things to do has the Sydney Parks & Wildlife in mind with the creatures of the deep, including sharks and manta rays. Sydney has two aquariums, the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour and the Sea Life Sanctuary at Manly. The Australian land dwellers can be found at the Australian Reptile Park and Taronga Zoo.

26 (32) Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary.

Having the sharks, manta rays and other large beasties swim so close up is a lot of fun. The Sea Life Aquarium at Darling Harbour is the larger of the two aquariums, but the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is none-the-less impressive for its smaller size. If you’re really adventurous it is possible, at least at the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, to go for a dive in the tank with the sharks! Rather you than me.

Swimming with the Sharks

Swim with Sharks SydneyYou have got to be joking!

You might think that swimming with sharks with their rows of razor sharp teeth is not a good idea. I’m with you. Yet there are a lot people who think it’s the best thing to do in Sydney! So if you really want to put yourself in a confined space with numerous things that swim, sting and bite, including one of the largest grey nurse sharks in captivity in Australia, please follow the link below:

Swimming with the Sharks

Which is the best aquarium in Sydney?

Visit either Sea Life Aquarium or the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, whichever is the most convenient on the day. Just aim to be there during feeding times but not if you’re planning a swim with the sharks! 🙂

Feeding Time

Feeding time at the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is interesting as the giant Mantra Rays ‘cuddle’ the divers handing out the fish. Click below for more information:

Aquarium Links

What’s going on behind Sea Life Aquarium?

Behind the Aquarium you’ll find some wild, wildlife:

More Sydney Wildlife

There used to be a jocular myth about being able to see kangaroos hopping down George Street, Sydney’s main high street. Wild Life Sydney has come close into turning this myth into reality.

Wild Life Sydney

Madame Tussauds

Next door to the wild life we have the life-like celebrity and fame courtesy of Madame Tussauds. It’s a another world and another great thing to do, particularly if the weather is not at its best.

Madame Tussauds

27 Royal National Park

Visit Wattamolla for a beautiful lagoon, cliffs and beach. There are walks a plenty. Garie Beach to Bundeena is one of the best. There is a small entrance fee to get into the Royal National Park but well worth it. The Royal National Park is a beautiful slice of Australia.

Royal National Park

Moonwalk the Royal National Park

Night Walk Royal National ParkNight Walking the Royal National Park

A Moonwalk through the Royal National Park is a wonderful way to experience a wonderful place.

Moonwalk Royal National Park

28 Harbour Fireworks

Harbour Fireworks

Get down to the Harbour at ‘New Year’s’ for an amazing display of fireworks and special effects. There are usually two, one at 9pm and a longer one at midnight. If you miss that, don’t worry, we do it again on Australia Day on the 26th January. All you need is a decent vantage point around the Harbour. Follow the links below for some great places to see it all.

New Year’s Eve and Australia Day

29 (102) Walk besides the Parramatta River (‘Canada Bay’)

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

The kilometre long Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway serves as a memorial to the World War II New Guinean Campaign. The gently winding path leads you to a granite centrepiece, a beautiful rose garden and a watercourse leading to a pond that overlooks the Parramatta River. The Kiosk and Information Centre is a good point to plan the rest of your visit.

Brays Bay, Yaralla Bay and Majors Bay

The peaceful Foreshore Trail takes you past Brays Bay, Yaralla Bay and Majors Bay. It should take about an hour to walk around Concord Hospital. The hospital was the primary filming location for Australia’s successful medical drama ‘All Saints’. Rustling trees, shrubs, rough tracks, old buildings and water views all help to make this walk a very enjoyable experience.

Majors Bay Reserve

There is more but Majors Bay Reserve may mark a turning point to your walk. You could, perhaps stop for a value feed at the Concord RSL just down the road from the Reserve. The sporting fields may offer you some free entertainment or perhaps a picnic in the reserve might be in order complete with great water views.

Walk besides the Parramatta River (‘Canada Bay’)

30 (26) Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park resides on, or at least close by, the site of the Old Sydney Town theme park about an hour’s drive north. If you look closely on your way out you should see some of the old buildings / facades and picnic areas. The drive itself is a pleasure if you haven’t done it before. The road has been cut deep into the earth and the Hawkesbury River just looks spectacular.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Lizard

The Australian Reptile Park is sign posted from the freeway by a giant dinosaur billboard and there is also a large frilly Priscilla Queen of the Desert Lizard on top of the entrance.

Australian Reptile Park

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Top Things to do in Sydney Sydney Parks and Wildlife

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