Vacation in Sydney

Vacation in Sydney

Links to the Top Things to do in Sydney

Vacation in Sydney

Did you know you can go on vacation in Sydney without even leaving Sydney. Just catch the Manly Ferry at Circular Quay. There’s a ferry every half hour. If you can’t wait [understandable], catch a fast ferry. This holiday within a holiday is so good it’s one the best things you can do.

Best things to do in Sydney

Much to do

There’s so much to do in Sydney we need longer days and shorter travel times. Follow the links below for some the top stuff. The big links give you a summary.

Top 25 Things to do

21 and 22 Coogee Beach

23 Doyles

25 Hunter Valley

Top 30 Things to do

26 Manly Sea Life Sanctuary (Ex Oceanworld)

26 Darling Harbour Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

26 Wild Life Sydney and Madame Tussauds

27 Royal National Park Walking Tracks

28 New Years Eve in Sydney

29 Walk besides the Parramatta River (“Canada Bay”) and Walk besides the Parramatta River (Map)

The recommended start point for the walk is the 800m Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway. The map link shows where the track is located. Just zoom out and / or click the directions button to find out the best way to get there.

30 The Australian Reptile Park – Official and The Australian Reptile Park – Unofficial

Travel TipsGo on a day trip or weekend away

There are many wonderful things to do just outside or close to Sydney. A couple of top things to do are close together and doable in a day. It’s a little less of the rush and more enjoyable if you over night. First stop would be the Australian Reptile Park followed by a trip to the Hunter Valley. These ideas and much more are contained on the page stops between Sydney and Brisbane. Follow the link below for more details:

Things to do on the road to Brisbane

Top 35 Things to do 

31 Harbour Sea Planes at Rose Bay

34 Sydney Tower

Top 40 Things to do

36 Harbour Bridge Pylon

37 Cottage Point

38 Government House

39 Helicopter Flights

40 Bradleys Head

Travel TipsCheap Day Out in Sydney

This would a very cheap yet scenic and interesting day out. There is a little bit of a walk between the Harbour Bridge Pylon and Government House but Wow! What a walk! Follow the links above or the link below:

Harbour Bridge Pylon and Government House

Events, Entertainment and Festivals

In your search for things to do, don’t forget to check for any top or interesting events and festivals.

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Top Things to do in Sydney

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