Sydney Harbour Cruises

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Which Cruise To Choose?

That chances are that, whichever Sydney Harbour Cruise you choose to go on, you will enjoy it. It is difficult to go far wrong cruising the magnificent Sydney Harbour. All the cruises are worth doing but some are just a little more worth doing than others

Below you will find a select few that we think top all the other Harbour Cruises. Whether it be your first time, or 100th, it is important that when you make it back to dry land that you can think back and say to yourself, “I really enjoyed that”. We think you will with anyone of these.

Catch the Ferry

Before we get into which cruise to choose, we shouldn’t forget that the Harbour looks just as gorgeous from the deck of a ferry. So if you aren’t all that keen on a cruise, catch the ferry instead.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sunset Sydney Harbour Australia

It is a simple, proven and effective formula. Good food, wine, beer and unbeatable views all add up to a wonderful way to spend an hour or two whilst cruising around the harbour. Added to this is the vessel you are cruising on is one of the best afloat. The MV 2000 received Papal approval as it was used to ferry Pope Benedict XVI around Sydney.

What to see?

You will experience Australia’s most famous bridge up close and personal as you sail right under her. You will also get some great camera shots of the world-famous Opera House. But that’s not all, there is much more to see. You will past many historic sites, beautiful bays and reserves. If it is worth seeing, you will see it.

Dine with the Setting Sun over the Harbour


Tall Ship with odd-shaped building in the background  🙂

Tall Ship Sydney Opera House Sydney HarbourIt is amazing to think that it was in these wooden vessels that the first Europeans made it to this country from half a world away. But mind you, they didn’t have to deal with jet lag so maybe the modern-day arrivals are just as tough. 🙂

Anyway, set sail on these beautiful ships and soak up the views of and the admiring looks from onshore.

Top Attractions

You’ll be able to enjoy the magnificence of the Harbour Bridge and the elegance of the Opera House alongside the fine, green pleasant expanse of the Royal Botanic Garden. Fort Denison in the middle of the harbour is a sight to be seen along with the PM’s lodge on the Northshore and Government House and its gardens. You have barely made it out of Sydney Cove and already your head is turning this way, then that way, there are craft coming towards you, away from you, hopefully not at you and all the while the mast stands tall above.

Romance of the Harbour

With the wind in your face, the sea at your feet, the sounds, the smells, the sights of a vibrant modern Sydney aboard the kind of vessel that gave her birth. Perhaps it is best just to enjoy the view and not get too romantically involved – it just makes it harder to think about going home.

Cruise on a Tall Ship at Twilight


Adrenalin Rush

Speed Boat Sydney HarbourIf romance does nothing for you, maybe a fast ‘cruise’ will. This barely qualifies as a cruise as the word implies something more sedate than a ride on a craft that can reach 100ks an hour. That makes this the fastest cruise you can take. You’ll still see all of Sydney’s wonderful attractions, just a little more quickly.

Sydney Heads

If you have fast car it is only natural to want to drive it on the highway. For a boat based in Sydney the closest comparison to a highway is the sea, so guess where you’ll be going! 🙂 You are going to be the fastest vessel out of the Sydney Harbour!

Adrenalin Rush

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