Sydney Weather Forecasts and Radar

Sydney Weather Forecasts and Radar

What to do if it rains in Sydney

What is the weather like in Sydney?

Observatory Hill Park SydneyUsually the weather is glorious!

For the majority of the year we enjoy a warm and sunny climate with the Pacific Ocean doing a great job of sparing us from too many extreme temperatures. None-the-less it can vary from brilliant sunshine to cloudy and grey. It might even be wet!

Sydney Temperatures (averages)

Spring – September to November

Maximum 24c – Minimum 14c

Summer – December to February

Maximum 28c – Minimum 19c

Autumn – March to May

Maximum 24c – Minimum 14c

Winter – June to August

Maximum 19c – Minimum 9c


It rains on average 5 to 7 days a month. The amount rain doesn’t vary hugely. Autumn tends to be a little bit wetter than other seasons.

Hot Days

North Head Sydney HarbourJanuary and February are the months to avoid if you don’t do so well in the heat. It is during this time that Sydney switches on its air-conditioners on mass. The thing that gets to locals is consecutive days and nights of hot weather. Far less likely at other times where you’ll get the odd hot day or two but rarely more. Whatever discomfort Sydney feels be assured that it is usually far worse in the other Australian state capitals.

More for the official Climate Outlook Video from the Australian weather experts.

Sydney Radar

Sydney Radar – Is it raining, or will it soon start raining? If you keep an eye on it the weather radar can tell us if the rain is heading our way and how long any current rain is likely to last. Note the weather radar only shows rain (not clouds).

Forecasts including the long range forecast

As well as looking at the weather radar we can read what the forecasters think is going to happen:

Weather Forecast

Five Day and Long Range Forecast

What to do when it rains in Sydney

Ok, so the weatherman (and women) says the sky will rain, rain down upon us and there is nothing we can do about it. You look at the weather radar in the hope they have got it wrong but it doesn’t look promising.

Rainy day in Sydney

A rainy day in Sydney does not mean that there is nothing to do. Far from it, sure it is true that Sydney is an outdoor city. Any city blessed with a beautiful harbour and fantastic beaches is going offer amazing outdoor experiences and lifestyle. Yet we also offers both visitor and local alike, many wonderful things to do even if there is a little ‘liquid sunshine’ around.

Top things to do even if it is raining

Planning for a wet day

It depends how long you will be Sydney, but if you intend to be here for more than a few days, expect some wet weather. The best way to deal with this possibility is to go through the top 100 plus things to do and plan to do the things that really require good weather first.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour, for example, has a number of wet weather day things to do like the Sea Life Aquarium, National Maritime Museum and Imax Theatre. So plan to visit Darling Harbour towards the end of your trip, if it rains get there earlier.

Top 100 plus Things to do

What to wear on a wet day

Just because it is wet day in Sydney it doesn’t mean that it is going to be cold. A decent hat might suffice for light rain or an umbrella. If you wear too much on a wet day you may face the choice of having to cart the extra clothes a round with you or be uncomfortably warm.

Go sightseeing in the rain (?)

Another option, if the weather isn’t that great, is to go sightseeing. You can do it yourself by hiring a car or using public transport or easier still, sit in a warm (if a bit steamy) bus.


What about really hot days?

On a really hot day there are three favourite places everybody seems to head for – the beach, the beach and the beach. All of the Sydney’s beaches are good beaches, it doesn’t matter (unless you like to go surfing) whether they are ocean beaches or harbour beaches. They are all good.

Best Beaches in Sydney

The Northern Beaches stretch from Manly to Palm Beach and are commonly regarded as the best beaches in Sydney. If you live in the Eastern Suburbs like Bondi, or down south towards Cronulla, then you may disagree. That’s ok, let us know and we will pass your comments on.

Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches figure highly our list of the top 100 plus things to do starting with catching the Manly Ferry:

Top 5 things to do

Should I be concerned about the climate?

Should you worry about the climate in Sydney? Not too much is the answer. Sure things can be a little wild from time to time but mostly the climate is kind, gentle and easy going – just like Sydney really. The weather is there to be enjoyed just like the rest of this great city – so relax and don’t worry. The sun will rise tomorrow (even if you can’t see it ).

What to do if it rains

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