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The Sydney100 Travel Guide explores the many exciting places to visit in Sydney. This printer friendly e-book was written by locals to help you get the most out of Sydney. It doesn’t really matter whether you live in Sydney or not, you should buy this book to fully enjoy this fabulous place no matter what!.

The Locals’ Guide to Sydney

Written by locals, the book is a unique and rich source of information about Sydney’s top attractions and events like no other guide you can buy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unlike a normal book, you can’t just pick it up and flick through it to see if you want to buy it. Consequently, we offer a full refund if, after purchasing the guide, you discover you don’t like it. It doesn’t matter why you don’t like it, all we ask is you tell us why. Feedback is always appreciated.

Save You Money Guarantee

We also guarantee you will save money by buying the book. At least as much as you have paid for it. If you don’t save money, let us know and we will give you a full refund. But in any case – it is only $9.95!

So what is in the Travel Guide?

If you buy this wonderful book you will find a comprehensive list of 165 top things to do along with ideas, suggestions and information you won’t find anywhere else. This includes map links, travel dos and travel don’ts and money saving suggestions. So what are you waiting for – just buy the book!  🙂

Travel itineraries with a slight difference

Observatory HillThe Guide book contains travels itineraries ranging in length from one to nine days in duration.

Festivals and Special Events

The Travel Guide contains a calendar of events and festivals. We will keep you updated after you have purchased the book for anything else that comes up.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasure

You’ll also discover some lessor known places and things to do called ‘Hidden Treasures’.

“Tucked away in hidden, special places, lies a lessor known Sydney, largely unseen and undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the Sydney we all love. A Hidden Treasure may only be known to a minority of locals and some well informed visitors. These are great places for quiet relaxation and/or the chance to gaze upon a city that most never see.”

Good Value

The Travel Guide was priced at $19-95 which just reflects the quality of the e-book you are going to receive. Now we have reduced the price to $9.95 so more people can get the best out of this amazing city. You should also not forget you can get your money back if you aren’t happy with it. So let’s stop reading this web page and start reading the Travel Guide. Click below to buy the book!

Readers’ Comments


“I love the website. It’s a one stop website that lists all the things I’m likely to want to do in Sydney. I’m local and I still find it a fantastic reference for long weekend and holiday suggestions. Yes there are other websites, but nothing that lists the things to do in a concise format. Instead of going to 10 different websites for ideas, one will do the trick.

But, I’m not always near an internet connection when I’m planning my weekend, so I bought the book. I’ve now got all the information I need in an easy to read format I can look at any time. I even printed it out for mum and dad to read through when they were here (they’re not so keen on looking at a computer screen as our generation!).” Jackie


“Thanks so much for this! I love it. Printed already and ticking off the ones I have done and the ones yet to do!” Thanks Charlotte


“I bought the Sydney100 guide and love it. I have spent hours already using all the links and it is so very helpful. Do you have anything like that for the Great Barrier Reef ?” Lana – [the answer is not yet but we are working on it]


“This is brill! Thanks” Steve


“The guide is fantastic, it’s really good to get a locals idea of what is worth seeing and what it won’t matter if you don’t have time.” Julie


“Looking through the guide it looks really good. The info is really helpful and I’ve discovered a few things to see that I hadn’t even thought to do!” Melissa


“Love your work. One thing I would suggest is a checklist at the back – listing all the headings with a check box beside them so you can print off and mark your progress through your top 100/150!” Carl [Great idea Carl, we will!]

“We’d say this is definitely a product to consider” and “we have calculated a trust ranking of 4.82/5”

How do I get my book?

Please find the PayPal button below. The delivery of the book is automated but if there are any problems just contact and we will sort them out.


As a matter of good practice, I will also email a copy of the book to you as soon as I have received notification that you have purchased it. We hope you enjoy the Guide and thank you for taking the time to read about it.


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