Thomas the Tank Engine in Sydney

Thomas the Tank Engine in Sydney

Take a ride on the most famous Thomas in the world in Sydney but not the miniature version that’s still looking for a new home. Whilst we wait for that visit the big Thomas the Tank Engine:

Thomas and Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends may have found a new place to be!

Unfortunately the park has closed until new Sheds can be found. The children of Sydney hope they are successful so on. There are plans to open something similar. Follow the links below for an update and an alternative option:

Thomas the Tank Engine Rides Again

Miniature Train Rides in Sydney


If you have a young family, or just like miniature trains, then visit Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends at Luddenham. Just few kilometres south of Penrith you will find Luddenham, just a couple of kilometres from there you will find The Train Shed and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Run by local enthusiasts you can ride on Thomas the Tank Engine for the princely sum of a few dollars. For slightly more than the cost of a cappuccino you can see the biggest grin of the day on your pride and joy’s little face.

Snow White and the six dwarfs

A couple of things to watch out for whilst you travel is a cow and Snow White and the six dwarfs (one had gone AWOL during our ride). The railway is not much more than a field with a miniature train track on it but its simplicity is its strength.

The Train Shed

So hopefully you get the picture. This is either refreshingly basic fun for the kids at great value or a field with a miniature train track depending upon how you see it. Maybe that’s the point. Think of what your kids will see and feel ‘aboard’ Thomas the Tank Engine.


The “U-Drive” is a “G gauge” model railway layout which the children can drive themselves. James the Red Engine has his own track, whilst Percy and Toby have to share. The U-Drive is situated inside the Train Shed. It is set at a child friendly height making it easy to drive the trains from controls set at the front.

The Train Shed

The Train Shed is potentially the home and training ground for the train drivers of the future. I hope State Rail is helping out.

Theme park

No doubt eventually Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends will be turned into Thomas the Tank Engine Theme park so I suggest you get in now whilst it still has some charm (and costs little).


You can take the kids for ride or leave them with mum / dad / aunty and Thomas of course whilst you sample the local produce. Vicary’s Winery is a mere few steps away. I can vouch for the Cab Sav although I was told (clever marketing?) that I had taken the pick being the last bottle of the 98.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties and other gatherings are catered for. You probably should check the Train Shed out before you book.

The Boring Details

Ticket to ride and ride and ride… $6 a ride. The rides can be purchased in blocks.

Reserve a table

Please phone a few days in advance. Ring before 11-30am

Reserve a picnic area

You will get 2 tables and 12 chairs and can bring extra tables & chairs of your own if you are expecting more than 12 people.

Thomas Tank Engine Kiosk

There a kiosk serving basic refreshments including tea and coffee.


The Train Shed is situated at the rear of Vicary’s Winery on the Northern Road 2km south of Luddenham, Near Penrith, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Phone No. 02 4739 0199


Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 10am to 4pm.

Thomas Shop

The Thomas Shop is a little basic (or charming) and stocks a range of Thomas The Tank Engine products, including:
• Learning Curve wooden trains
• “Take-Along” range of trains
• Tomica World battery-powered trains (blue plastic track)
• Puzzles, games, and other toys

For more:

Follow this link for more information


Apologies if you already visit this place. We are sorry if this write up increases its popularity. When you discover somewhere like this you often want to keep it to yourself – sorry. Think of it this way, it helps Thomas the Tank Engine.

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