A few days in Sydney

What to do when you only have a few days in Sydney

What to do when you haven’t got much time

If you are only have a few days in Sydney we suggest you try few different things so you get a good feel for the place. That way you will hopefully want to come back! 🙂 Below are a few ideas and pointers with links to a few more. It’s not too hard to have a good time in Sydney, we just want you to have the best time.

Sydney Harbour

Balmoral Beach Sydney

You can’t go far wrong in Sydney if you get yourself on the Harbour. It is the heart and soul of Sydney and stunningly beautiful as well. If you don’t like boats there are many harbourside reserves, beaches, jetties and foreshore parades to enjoy it from.

Sydney Harbour


Sydney’s Major Attractions

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Select one or two of Sydney’s major attractions bearing in mind the time it might take to ‘do them’.

Sydney Major Attractions


Romance and Adventure

The Sydney things you will enjoy the most, or be attracted to, may be driven by your personal circumstances but there’s nothing  quite like a little Romance and Adventure.

Events and Festivals

Vivid Festival in Sydney

Like most international cities, there are a seemingly endless number of events and festivals happening all over Sydney. It is sometimes hard to know which events are worth going to. We attempt to help out by supplying you with a list (naturally) of what we regard as the best entertainment in town.

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Free Things to do in Sydney

Free doesn’t necessarily mean not worth doing. Some of the most memorable things you can do in Sydney are free or close to it. Just follow the link below and you’ll hopefully see what we mean.

Free things to do in Sydney


What if it rains?

Sydney is a city designed for the outdoors. So when it rains, which we actually do need from time to time, you can be left scratching your head a little trying to figure out what to do. We have listed a few surprising things like the beach (well, if you are going to go for a swim…) and few other things you may not have thought of or knew about. We hope you find the list useful.

What if it rains


Attractions Close to Sydney

Blue Mountains Sydney

Within the list are a few that are, if the truth be told, not actually in Sydney. We are basically just acknowledging that visitors are free and bound to visit the countryside to view its outstanding beauty among the other wonderful things worth doing. The Blue Mountains is a case in point. We have pulled some of these things together as:

Attractions close to Sydney


Should you hire a car?

If you are only in Sydney for few days it might be worth hiring a car for a couple of them as there is much to see away from the centre of town.

Car Hire


Where to stay

If you do decide to hire a car there less point in staying in the centre of town. Equally if most of things you want to do are in and around Sydney Harbour is there any point hiring a car?

Where to Stay in Sydney


What to avoid?

You may have heard a few stories about Australia’s gang of nasties including Snakes, Spiders and Sharks. What are the chances of you actually having any contact with them?

Snakes, Spiders and Sharks

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