What’s Open on Christmas Day in Sydney?

What’s Open on Christmas Day in Sydney?

Not everybody is able, or wants, to spend their Christmas with friends and family. The bottle of something in front of the telly read a book or stay in bed options are always there. Rather than try to avoid Christmas, why not get out and about and enjoy your Christmas Day.

Bondi Beach

It has become a tradition for many people to head down to Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. One of the top things to do in Sydney. You will find there is usually a party going on the beach. Bondi will be full of people with smiles on their faces and lots of the cafes and shops on the foreshore will be open for the occasion.


The Chinese celebrate Christmas along with everyone else, but that doesn’t mean that Chinatown will be closed, far from it. Most of Chinatown will be open for business and willing to share their Christmas with you. So Yum Cha at the large, iconic Marigold Restaurant in George Street is definitely an option along with many wonderful smaller Chinese restaurants.


Go out for Lunch or Dinner

Everything closes for Christmas, that’s right isn’t it (?) There won’t be any cafes or restaurants open in Sydney?

Cafes and Restaurants open on Christmas Day

What else is there to do on Christmas Day in Sydney?

There are still a number of things you can do on Christmas Day. Each of them works perfectly with reading the latest edition of the Top 100 Travel Guide, your Xmas present to yourself.

Catch a Sydney Ferry

1. You could read the Top 100 Travel Guide on the ferry! The ferries operate on Christmas Day to a public holiday timetable. You can ferry around the Harbour whilst everybody tries to work out what is that great piece of literature that is keeping your eyes off the view and on the screen / page.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy the book, flick through the top 100 things to do in Sydney online.

Visit Taronga Zoo

2. Taronga zoo is open on Christmas Day so spend the day with the chimps and zebras whilst you read your copy of the Top 100 Travel Guide. The animals will come to you, just to see what is more interesting than them, as your eyes refuse to leave the page.

Go to Manly

3. Head to Manly (by ferry of course) and sit in the Corso, or by the ocean, and avidly read even more pages of the Top Travel Guide whilst the same people keep walking past you, trying to get a glimpse of whatever it is that is devouring your attention.

Walk by the Harbour

4. Take a stroll along anywhere by Sydney Harbour stopping to read more of the ‘just can’t put it down’ Top 100 Travel Guide and wonder ‘why are all these people watching me?’

Circular Quay or Chinatown

5. Head anywhere touristy, like Circular Quay or Chinatown, and you will find little pockets of life where you can perhaps get a coffee and enjoy the Travel Guide and be people watched.

Visit your Local Beach

6. Most locals, if not at home, will head for the beach with a book bought for them at Christmas. Most will be wishing that someone had bought them a copy of the Travel Guide that you are reading.

More Things to Do

This is the time of year for catching up with friends, family and colleagues and doing what they want to do…no, that’s not right – do your own thing, go through the best 100 things to do and see what you can find. We periodically update the list which includes many free things to do. For things to do during the Christmas Holidays check out Christmas in Sydney.

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