What to do with Kids when it rains in Sydney

What to do with Kids when it Rains in Sydney

Family things to do in SydneyΒ on Wet Day

It is sad but true that Sydney’s skies aren’t always blue. So what to do with kids when it rains in Sydney? There’s got to be a little rain sometimes, but you try explaining that to your little person. If you want to make a run for it there are options north, west and south of Sydney:

Escape Sydney

Stay in Sydney

Rather than screaming kids in a confined space (e.g. your car) grab your umbrella and have fun. πŸ™‚

Wild, Wild, Wildlife World at Darling Harbour

CassowaryNo rain in here!

Wild Life Sydney, Sea Life Aquarium and Madame Tussands are all sandwiched together in the Aquarium Wharf at Darling Harbour. Just as well they all get along. You get buy passes to cut down the cost. It does have possibilities. There is also the Imax, Powerhouse Museum, Maritime Museum and any damp festivals that might be on in Darling Harbour:

Wild Life World


Climb the Harbour Bridge Pylon

Harbour Bridge in AustraliaThe Harbour Bridge – A good looker whatever the weather

The Harbour Bridge Pylon is great value and packed full of great information and 200 steps. You will be rewarded at the top with a great view of the Opera House so unless it is really chucking it down it’s well worth taking steps to see it. The kids will enjoy the climb and the view but you might miss out on much of the info.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon – Sydney100

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains in Australia

Sometimes the rain in Sydney restricts itself to the coast. So a trip up the mountains can be a case of good timing. First of all check the weather, use the radar and the forecast to be sure. Next, plan your trip

Blue Mountains (No 11 and 12)


Customs House in Circular Quay

You could take the kids to see the model of Sydney embedded beneath Custom House’s glass floor. This is particularly appropriate it is too wet to see the real thing. There’s loads of other stuff of interest in Customs House so maybe bring your electronic devices with you just in case your interest outlasts your kids. Free WiFi is available for your gaming and surfing pleasure.

Customs House – (Listed at No. 106)


Indoor Play Centres

There has been a significant growth in indoor play centres. Many have cafes and provide an area for parents to relax whilst their kids let of steam (particularly if they are already wet). πŸ™‚

Sydney Indoor Play Centres

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a good destination as you have the Powerhouse, Imax, Wild Life World and Sea Life Aquarium and more.


If you looking for a cheaper option there’s always your local swimming pool.

Swimming Pools in Sydney

Local Library

Not for kids straining at the car restraints but can work for some. Besides, worst that will happen is you will be shhhhhhhh’d, asked to leave, be shamed and never spoken to again. πŸ™‚

Librarys in Sydney

Toy Shop

Potentially expensive and real head ache but if you were planning on going for little Johnny’s birthday then maybe now is the time.

Top 10 Toy Shops Sydney

Big Top Circus in Australia

Sydney attracts the worlds best circus including one or two Australian acts such as Circus Oz.

Info on Circus Oz plus

There’s more

We haven’t really gone on about museums and galleries outside of the Darling Harbour variety. The Australian Museum [listed at 84] maybe of interest for some kids. Then there’s the general ‘wet’ pages of things to do when it rains so you could have a quick look through those.

Events and Festivals in Sydney by Month

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